• The ‘Z’ looks like the ‘Z’ from Zorro with the line through the middle
  • Create your own logo, (unless it relates, which, it doesn’t)
  • Zaza, sounds like a Spanish woman with her boobs hanging out
  • Clutter of images
  • Hard and annoying to navigate
  • Pick a theme. It feels like Miami, then Mexico, and then a college dorm.
  • Everything does not need a Z in it
  • Needs to have a page specifically for rooms, or make it easier to find
  • http://www.hotelzaza.com/#dallas/accommodations/concept rooms
  • Images should be more consistent
  • Organize the pictures better
  • It is nice how the homepage image gets bigger as the window size gets larger
  • http://www.hotelzaza.com/#index
  • Home page is elegant while internal page looks like crap
  • When you click on one of the locations, it should take you to a new page; not a page inside of that site.
  • http://www.hotelzaza.com/#index to http://www.hotelzaza.com/#dallas or to http://www.hotelzaza.com/#houston
  • Why does it when you try to book, it opens in a new link but opens the same link with a calendar?





  • ·              Simple colors used; like a three-color job with red, white, and black.