One of my favorite pieces from the Worth 1000 website was this one. I like the serene feel of the setting the two mythical girls are placed in and how the ray of sunlight seems to be shining down between the two of them. The horns, hoofed feet, and tails are very well blended into the photographs of the two girls.


Another one of my favorite pieces was the fairy one. What I liked about this was the use of mixed media (photography and painting). I really enjoyed the color scheme because it gave off a very peaceful vibe. I also like how the background isn’t focused except for on the flowers and the main focus is on the girl.


A third piece I liked was this odd one. What I liked about this one was the humor factor that’s relayed in the caption of the piece. I also liked the background of the piece because it’s kind of vibrant, but still peaceful at the same time.


A final piece I found interesting was this ghost ship one. This caught my attention because of the contrast between the woman’s white dress and the white ship against the very dark background. The water is so beautiful and peaceful as there seems to be something a little morbid going on in the piece. I really liked the detail and attention paid to the hair and dress of the woman, giving them both dimension.