I enjoyed this assignment because my first experiences with Photoshop were with photo manipulation and editing. I’ve never heard of this website before, and looking at all the work by other artists allowed me to see to see other people’s styles of photo editing. Here are the works that stood out the most to me:


Berry Lips by jclarkedesigns. Initially I was drawn to the photo because of the strawberry and I wanted to see how it was manipulated as a beauty product. I really like the fact that the designer put the strawberry seeds on the lips too because that makes it look like a realistic product and added texture to a smooth image. The contrast of the red with the skin and white background really helped catch my attention as well. When looking through so many images at once, that is what really drew me to this piece. Its simplicity is what makes it effective for me. It looks very well put together and professional, and the use of Photoshop isn’t obvious and poorly blended (which is a pet peeve of mine) so seeing the flawless combination of elements definitely made it one of my favorites.


Daisy with a Pearl Earring by whiteducks. I like this photo because the idea was creative in combining a cartoon character with a famous painting, and the end result looks very nice. The added cracking of the paint and canvas on top of the photoshopped portion, the changed color palette from the original painting, and the shadowing make the Daisy Duck figure look as if it was meant to be there.


The last dance by AlbertMuda. I love the creativity of using the mushroom as a skirt/dress, and the texture of the mushroom makes convincing clothing. The color of the top on the woman was well planned for making the photoshopping process look flawless. Also, I like the choice of the woman laying down like that because it looks like she is sitting. It looks much more realistic with the mushroom image than the others in that section with a similar idea.


This was a cool website and after doing this assignment, I definitely want to look into it more.