I do understand how the public will feel that a reproducible design is not worth as much as traditional art. As a graphic designer, I frequently get request for designs, but when I tell them what I charge, they’re turned off immediately. If I spend hours on a design and then they expect me to print and produce everything, they don’t seem to value my work as art like that of painting on canvas.

Sometimes, the same amount of work is done with a lot of thought, but the mentality of traditional art as the “only” art form is at times, quite annoying to the modern day designer.  Art is a freedom of expression that reaches far beyond that of a canvas or paper.

However, I do understand that the more art is available to others through digital means, the more is taken from the art itself.  Some art pieces are meant to be viewed in their original context and not on a small flat screen.  Also, I do agree that photography and footage is definitely used by the government to control the masses.  The mechanical reproduction is easily manipulated to cloud the truth as people tend to believe what’s printed instead of going to see the proof with their own eyes.

However, there is a fine line between art created solely using digital means and art reprinted or represented to the public using digital means.