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Please post an entry on the blog of at least three sentences focusing on

Unrelated But Interesting: Installation /  Performance

There was an installation art piece in George Town. The artists name is Ernest Zacharevic’s, he is an artist that does art on the street. This is interesting because the city makes him take down most of his work. However his latest work was allowed to stay up. The latest work is a golden frame on a hole in the road. This is interesting to me because its cool art but also the fact that the art is in constant danger of being damaged by cars and by weather.

Please post an entry in your blog.  Take a screenshot of your favorite site and explain why – in a full paragraph at least – you like it so much.

My favorite site is This site is great because of the information it can tell you. This information is about the computers and technology which is information that I love. The cite is also easy to use and they have cool hacks and that can make your computer supper fast. They also talk about gaming on the site and I am a huge gamer. This site is my favorite because it has all the information that I care about on one site. Also, I tried to put a picture but it wouldn’t let me paste it.

Find a website that you love with multimedia, animations or some sort of immersive vivid media experience. write a paragraph on why you love it and link to it on the blog.

I think this site is awesome. It has cool artwork and it also shows how the make wiskey at the jack Daniels distillery. When you click on the labels it takes you to specific buildings in the site and then it brings up information on what that building does and when that building was made. I think this is great because it is a great way to make an informational cite if this was made to be ecommerce or a communicational cite it would be to slow and the animation would distract from the purpose of the cite.

Please post an entry in your blog about the Reading below.  Can you imagine being an artist with 1000 true fans?  How would you contact them?

If I had a thousand fans tomorrow I would get in contact with them by using social media. Using sites like facebook and twitter would make my life a lot easier because it helps you sort all the information you get from then fans and lets me respond to fans that I feel deserve it. It also, lets me post my events and ideas so that my fans can read them and can comment on them so that there is a line of communication. Lastly, If I had a thousand fans and I was rich I could hire people to go through my facebook and twitter and have them sort information for me.