So, first of all I totally deserve to receive an A in this class.  TOTALLY.  Sorry I couldn’t make it to fight for myself in person, but I’m much better at writing anyway.  When I try to argue in person my words get all discombobulated, and sometimes I completely forget what it is I’m even arguing about.  I really enjoyed your teaching methods, so keep it up; because I’m sure my approval is exactly what you were looking for.  I feel that my work is definitely not as strong as it could have been, and for that I’m a little ashamed.  I don’t really enjoy the whole web design thing that much, and when the going gets tough I have this incredible urge to just give up.  However, I think that I really pushed myself to get some understanding of these assignments before giving up, and for that, I’m a little bit happy.  I think my personality started to show through a little more toward the end, and to me that shows that I was actually beginning to get a handle on some of the coding.  With a little understanding of the code, it gives one more of a chance to actually put some thought into what he or she is doing design-wise.  So yeah, I feel that I deserve an A.  I feel that I have improved and conquered, and it’s all thanks to you.  So thank you Sean Cohen.  Thank you.  Have a good summer!


Assignment 1


Desert Rose

Desert Rose











HTML Email 

Landing Page

JQuery - I did two tutorials for JQuery, the alert one and this text formatting one.  This is the one I saved.

Las Vegas

Gradient Tutorial - I just applied the gradient to the JQuery page above.

Moon Tutorial

Slide In - Whenever I messed with those little icons in the bottom right hand corner, the whole page would refuse to load.

For my game, I used something called Game Maker…  I did a tutorial that helped me create a game where you just attempt to capture the little clown by clicking on him.  You get points and it gets more difficult as the game goes, because the clown goes faster and faster.  I set it up so when he bounces against the walls he will go off in random directions, and when you catch him he goes in random directions as well.  He stays in the little arena, and the game is somewhat boring.  It might be more interesting if it involved something similar to that old game snake, where the tail gets longer and such.  When I published the game is published as an “app”, and I could not get it to upload onto the server.  Here are some screen shots.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 2.19.09 PM







Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 2.18.28 PM









Favorite Website


Flash Animation

I played one of these little games called “Casanova”.  It was adorable.  Disgustingly adorable.  There is a little giraffe running to the right of the screen, and there are other giraffes running toward the left of the screen, and they are all different sizes.  Basically, you hold the mouse button which makes your giraffe’s neck longer and you have to time it correctly to kiss the other giraffes.  The music is really magical and cute, and the colors are all pastel.  I really liked playing it, it was a little bit of a challenge and I really like giraffes.  However, it supports polygamy.

I also played the strategy game called “Fragger”.  I couldn’t play it for too long because it was really very boring.  I’ve never really been into strategy games, so that doesn’t help at all.  However, when you start playing the game keeps telling you every step what to do.  You just follow the directions, and you win victories and such.  I got a castle of my own after playing for like 30 seconds, and through no skill of my own.  So yeah, the graphics and such are pretty cool, and I liked the epic music, but the gameplay is not fun at all really. is a really cool Flash website that I happened across a couple years ago, which was made to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11.  It is so awesome, it pretty much recreates the whole countdown and launch and everything.  From the beginning you can hear the voices of the men in the control room, talking to Neil Armstrong.  When you click launch it does the countdown, and the rocketship takes off.  It is so very awesome, but obviously takes a really good internet connection to work correctly.  This could be it’s downfall, for some users.

Critique of Katherine Clark’s Sadie Nash Scrollarama assignment:  She obviously overcame questions she may have had about how to use the Scrollarama code, because I don’t really see any quirks or anything in the design.  I feel that the color scheme she chose is appropriate.  It has a young girl feel to it, and this is the crowd that Sadie Nash must appeal to.  I like that she included the goals for women, and the way they come into the screen is really nice.  It gives the viewer a chance to read each one before moving on.  I also really enjoy the human silhouettes that Katherine included, especially if she made them herself.  They are really nice.  Overall, I would say this is a really wonderful example of how Scrollarama can be used to create an interactive and fun display of information.

Liberate Yourself


Talent Placement Agencies – The Home Page is so very cheesy.  You have this guy jumping into the air, all happy and everything, and it kind of makes me a little sick.  There is so much different type in different places, that hierarchy is definitely an issue.  It is also not extremely pleasing to the eye.  It is pretty easy to navigate, but I hate looking at it so much that I have no desire to navigate it.  I like that they have a button to hear the jingle, rather than just playing it instantly.  However, their jingle sucks.  Don’t listen to it. – This website is much more professional, and more what you would expect from an employment agency.  The color scheme is a little more high class, and doesn’t convey a goofy message like the website above.  The pages make sense, but there are a good deal of different paths to take which might be a little confusing to a user.  One really has to dig to find exactly what he or she wants.  The photograph animation they have at the top is quite nice as well. – Here is another example of a talent placement agency website that I feel just does not do what it should.  The white background is very boring and doesn’t have a finished feel to it.  There is a big rectangle on the top that looks as though it should house some photographs or something, but when I load it up it is just blank.  The terrible little infographic they have is just really not aesthetically pleasing, and I feel as though it doesn’t really give any useful information.  Easy to navigate, compared to the last website, but also not as informative or helpful it seems. – This is my favorite out of the four websites that I have talked about.  There isn’t really any confusion about where to click to get to what I want, and it still has a professional feel and a nice color scheme.  There is some nice typography going on, rather than just having terrible type thrown in wherever.  It is easy to contact this company, because all of the contact information is right there for you to access.  The main pages are in one place, at the top in a bar.  This is a clear and conceptual website, that I might actually use.  It could have to do with the fact that this company is a talent agency mostly for artistic types of people.

Complaining Assignment

I really don’t enjoy making excuses for myself.


I do have three jobs, three four hour classes, and I try to drive home (St. Mary’s County) every Sunday to play soccer and see my doggy and my little brother.  So, having time to get work done is pretty difficult.  But, I am doing my best.

Okay I’m done, thank you for that.

Sadie Nash Scrollarama