Flash Animation

I played one of these little games called “Casanova”.  It was adorable.  Disgustingly adorable.  There is a little giraffe running to the right of the screen, and there are other giraffes running toward the left of the screen, and they are all different sizes.  Basically, you hold the mouse button which makes your giraffe’s neck longer and you have to time it correctly to kiss the other giraffes.  The music is really magical and cute, and the colors are all pastel.  I really liked playing it, it was a little bit of a challenge and I really like giraffes.  However, it supports polygamy.

I also played the strategy game called “Fragger”.  I couldn’t play it for too long because it was really very boring.  I’ve never really been into strategy games, so that doesn’t help at all.  However, when you start playing the game keeps telling you every step what to do.  You just follow the directions, and you win victories and such.  I got a castle of my own after playing for like 30 seconds, and through no skill of my own.  So yeah, the graphics and such are pretty cool, and I liked the epic music, but the gameplay is not fun at all really.

WeChoosetheMoon.org is a really cool Flash website that I happened across a couple years ago, which was made to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11.  It is so awesome, it pretty much recreates the whole countdown and launch and everything.  From the beginning you can hear the voices of the men in the control room, talking to Neil Armstrong.  When you click launch it does the countdown, and the rocketship takes off.  It is so very awesome, but obviously takes a really good internet connection to work correctly.  This could be it’s downfall, for some users.