Despite the fact that I’m sitting here in class tonight, I still wanted to share a little “blurb” about why i think I deserve the grade I want.  To be modest, and at the same time, reasonable, I feel as though I deserve either a B+ or an A-.  I will admit that through half of the semester, I did struggle with figuring out what you were looking for in the class and how you expected us to complete each weekly project, but I do feel as though I have grown in the class since the midterm (for which I received a B, thank goodness).  There were a few assignments that I barely grasped the concept or flat-out even didn’t complete, but I was able to go back and complete them, GameSalad and Flash, for example.  Being someone that attended every class, participated with a positive attitude, and definitely gave her all in every project attempt, I feel as though that is grounds for receiving an A-…. BUT, knowing you, I could accept you knocking that down to a B+, which I do feel more confident about.

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