The four talent placement agencies that I chose were United Talent, TalentBridge, Best of Staffing, & Top Talent Solutions.

  1. The United Talent website is not very successful in attracting the user’s attention, because of how everything appears clumped together and imbalanced.  There could’ve been a much better decision on which typeface could’ve been used for the content and navigation.  I am also distracted by the “like” option that seems off-put on the bottom-left of the page.  Simply put, I do not think this page has any strong sense of good design.
  2. TalentBridge has a very professional and successful layout, and it is my favorite out of all the sites that I have chosen to critique. Their use of a slider at the top of the page with good quality images if very appealing, and their balance and overall organization of the page works very well.  The flow and consistency of the entire website makes it very easy to use and travel through all of the provided information.
  3. Best of Staffing has a successful and simple layout, and I do favor this website as well. The consistency of the page with spacing and typeface makes the page unified and easy to follow.  The only thing that throws me off is the use of large pop-up options, that become strong distractions. Despite this, they are connected to the page and do serve their purpose very well.
  4. Top Talent Solutions is a very simplistic layout with their use of a few colors and a standard organized layout.  There is a lot of information that is provided on the home page, and that can be viewed as overwhelming for those that do not know how to use a talent placement page (such as myself). Overall, I think it could be improved by reducing the number of links right in the center of the page (moving them to the navigation column on the left or further down the page).  The introduction or basic information should come first.


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