Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa is a luxury, 5-star resort hotel in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a fun, exciting environment with plenty of entertainment. It has endless animities, gaming, and relaxing retreats for all guests to enjoy. On my website, I wanted to depict the beauty and class of the resort while still keeping it simple. I wanted my audience to be captivated by the resort as soon as they view the website, so I put a beautiful image of a bar in the hotel as the background. I then put links to the about page, the type of rooms page, suites page, nightlife page, and arrows to get to the other pages on the website. I thought the original website was really cluttered, so I tried not to make the same mistake. I kept the font lowercase like the Red Rock logo which is lowercase as well. I kept the logo in the far left corner like the original website though with the Four Diamond award in the  far right corner. My website is sweet and straight to the point and I hope you enjoy it!


original_redrock jplessy_redrock