Team Members: Steve Elliott, Peter Oliveto, Melissa Sly



1. Logo

-needs either needs to stand out more, or have some kind of background to keep it from blending in with the background photos

2. Booking mask

- reamins inconsistent from page to page, i.e. Here the booking mask link is on the left side of the page, while here the booking mask is on the right side of the screen

3. Calendar Events

- need to rethink how they portray calendar events. The small window that appears has slow response time / confusing delay.

- their full “calendar events” page seems entirely too repetitive on this page

4. Page Transition

- When clicking links to new pages, an informative paragraph slides in, and then 1-2 seconds later the photo changes. Yet, there are some pages where this functionality isn’t present. Too much inconsistency makes things uncomfortable.

5. Photo Gallery

- it takes some searching to find a photo gallery. Not easily apparent. Organization of their gallery needs to be cleaned up. i.e Here we see that the bottom of their gallery is too jagged . The red background texture should be reconsidered.

- When resizing the window in their gallery it looks choppy and glitchy. Possibly incoporate functionality from the “Isotope” assignment for their gallery.

6. Full Screen from  Photo Gallery

- when clicking the “Full Screen” button on the photo gallery screen here, the logo with a square red texture stays consistent on each page, which doesn’t have too much of  a purpose.