Homework 2


This is a favorite submission of mine. It is a creative idea executed flawlessly with very impressive Photoshop skills. This is really an image that I admire. When I look at it I hope that someday I will be able to create such a realistic rendering in Photoshop. The reflective metal surfaces are especially impressive because of the warped image of the complicated ground pattern within them. The concept, too, is an exciting one. The thought of robotic creatures duking it out in a post apocalyptic wasteland really sparks the imagination.

This is another favorite of mine. I’m a huge sucker for both Star Wars and The Simpsons, so seeing such a well executed combination of the two is very satisfying. The image is a combination of cartoony and realistic Photoshop styles, which is appropriate. It’s clever the way Darth Vader’s mask is transformed into Homer’s teeth. Like the first image, I really admire the reflective surfaces on this Photoshop.

This is another excellent Photoshop. Once again, the reflective surfaces have suckered me into this image. The highlights on the ant create a convincing morning dew effect in their mimicry of the droplets on the surrounding leaves. Like the first image, this one really sparks the imagination. It’s fun to think of a world full of water ants, and maybe even water people.