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First, I want to say I pretty like this website. First, I like the background image, I like the background color, especially the title and subtitle of the website. The web use gray for the option box, and choose a huge size discount image to catch people’s eye balls, plus all their productions (PC) are designed so fashion, so cool, this web has  a strong purpose: “ young people”, I think every young people would like the feeling:”cool” when they purchase, the style, the  visual impact really catching people.


Same gaming PC website. but so different with the “power one”. The first one is pursuing the fashion, the modern feeling. But the dell alien ware as a old brand, professional gaming PC, they have a totally different pursue,they just focus on the high-end brand, high-end products, don’t succumb to mid-range, only do high-end products, only to do the best products.Even if the price of their product compared with similar products is higher, but they never lack of the market, it is because of their web pages and the design of the product already in people’s hearts left a deeply rooted concept, people would rather spend more money, also want to buy a worthy of trust, high-grade products.


Lenovo is a brand that focus on the mid-range consumer groups.From their web design can be seen, they are not pursuiting of the perfect brand, the above message in their website, more is all about how to promote, how to lower the price, the same configuration, meager profit but high turnover.So on their web page was not decorated too much, especially close to life.


Asus is a brand which is comprehensive, they have the low-end products, also have the production that could match with alien high-end products.We can see two very different styles of design in the same brand website, they try to  walk at the forefront of fashion, and never backward, but the biggest advantage of them is the qulity , with the most trustworthy quality, don’t lag behind the configuration of the variety of choice, dominated the half of the market.Through their web page design, we can feel both of their high-end game PC and the high content of science and technology of the computer at the same time, we can also feel cheap and fine. So their design is simple, elegant, and do not break the public aesthetic.

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