Here’s my final animation.

One of my favorite websites is because it’s the best way for me to procrastinate on my work or kill time. There are a ton of pictures, gifs, videos, etc. to look at to keep my interest. The basic purpose of the website is very similar to Pinterest, but I prefer Tumblr because the layout doesn’t give me a headache (you look at two or three posts at a time on screen instead of 20-something) and it’s simpler to use because there aren’t boards or other things to post to; just re-blog and done. The design of the site is very simple, the buttons are easy to find, and it even allows a user to have their own freedom in designing the layout of their blog. I use this site when I’m at a creative block because there are a ton of amazing artists and new artwork constantly being posted, so I can look through photo tags to get some inspiration. There are also many funny posts and videos that keep me from losing my sanity, so this site is definitely my go-to when I need a distraction.

tumblr screenshot