Here is my sequence.js (Part 1).

Here is my desk (Part 3).

Since we did not have to do Part 2, I choose to write about what I did for Part 1. I decided to focus only on snow for this homework because snow is awesome. It somehow turned into a theme of “winter advice” because I felt like trying to make it sort of funny (my attempt at humor is a sad one), hence Randy from A Christmas Story and the kid with a snowball in his face. The snowman is there just for the sake of having a snowman, because snowmen always make a snow day better (even when you’re freezing cold and get pummeled by snowballs). For the background image, I chose a basic snow landscape because I wanted the background to not look out of place with children and a snowmen in the foreground, and I think the image I chose makes it look like these images are in the foreground of the field. It’s not the most realistic attempt, but I like it.