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Review on Blog Article:

I thought this was a very interesting article that opened my eyes in terms of how much an impact an audience has on one’s performance, whether it be writing a book, a blog, or a Wiki post. What sparked even more interest was my thoughts while I was reading this article, as I have often been eager to start a YouTube account and  make videos, but I’m a little intimidated knowing the world is my audience. I also thought the article was 100% accurate when explaining how people think a bit more critically, and carefully, when writing entries or blog posts that will be published online. It’s some what motivational knowing that we live in an age where the Internet has had such a positive impact on our society, and being able to grow up while such change is taking place has been quite an experience. The Internet basically lets us share our thoughts, creations, etc., and let virtually the entire world have access. According to the article, this will push people to hopefully do better work as their global audience can be the hardest critics of them all.