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The interactive website I chose can be found here. This site actually provides information regarding a business known as “2advanced” who are responsible for making professional interactive websites. Their website is actually quite interactive in itself as it has numerous pages with different interactions and animations present. As the site loads, the loading bar is even quite intriguing, and every page is filled with different and exciting animations. The graphics used in combination with the site animation present a visually appealing website that is quite unpredictable. The website’s design is able to keep their content clear and well presented, something some interactive sites struggle with, while incorporating movement within their content area. On one part of the site, the design team provides links to some of their more notable pieces of work. The Ford Mustang website they did for the 2010 Ford Mustang was incredible. The site in itself is quite interactive and allows the users to virtually sit in the car and move around the interior and exterior. The camera angles and movement patterns used during these interactions place emphasis on certain details that are present within the car, which make the user feel as though they are really sitting in the car itself.  Overall, this is a pretty cool interactive site that provides some really well thought out motion and graphic design, as well as keeping a clear and organized structure for their informational content.