1. I’m very sure that I couldn’t truly deal with 1,000 true fans on a personal level. I deal with a handful of fans since I’m a cosplayer. I have quite a few fans and as soon as they find out who you are they all want to friend you on facebook and talk to you like you’re best friends, when really you don’t know them at all.

In order to combat this, I have an alias name as well as a facebook fanpage and a separate artist pages to connect with my followers easier and for them to stay updated on what I’m working on or what conventions I will be attending without me displaying my personal information. I enjoy costuming just for the design and photography involved and never expected a little fanbase to develop. :/


However, when it comes to my future field of profession, I’m sure that Graphic Designers aren’t chased around or stalked for their designs? I think setting up an artist website and sending monthly mini magazines about my work to fans who register is the best way to show appreciation for their support and keep them updated. Fans like to feel like they have a personal closeness to their favorite artist. I know I love getting blog updates from my favorite musicians, artists, and cosplayers. I also love artists who actually sometimes respond to fan comments. It feels like they care and are involved personally. Even though sometimes it may just be their manager or something. :)


4. A hypertext is a software system that links topics on the screen to related information and graphics. In easier words, it’s text that is link to another webpage with text.

http://www.visualthesaurus.com/  is a hypertext, the other two would be considered hypermedia since they contain graphics such as photos and gifs.