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1000 True Fans

After reading the article regarding 1000 True Fans, I feel as though having such true fans seems like a comfortable spot for an artist to be at in terms of popularity. Having 1000 true fans is what an artist needs to make a living, according to the article, but not make a fortune. Making a living vs making a fortune is what keeps many people humble and engaged in what they’re doing, whether it’s making music, painting, etc. I also like how the article highlights that you don’t need millions of fans to be considered a great artist. Instead, you need a sufficient amount of true fans, whether it’s 500, 1000, or 5,000. The true fans are the fans that every artist strives to gain.

I’ve never been one to put any of my work out there for others to view, critique, etc., therefore gaining any kind of true fans would be a little tough at this point. Assuming I had 1000 true fans today, I would be extremely motivated to keep putting out artwork for my fans.I honestly don’t know how I would react to such a fan base because I’ve never had any sort of experience to relate back to, regarding fans of any sort. Luckily, contacting these fans is much easier in today’s time that it was 10-20 years ago, thanks to digital social media. Using something like Facebook or Twitter seems like the ideal method to keep in touch with a number of 1000 true fans. With this fan base, I think I’d remain a humble artist and keep producing as much work as possible, keeping in mind that the true fans are what help me make my living.


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