Grasping the idea of having one thousand true fans is almost impossible at this stage of my life. When I look around me at who my “true fans” really are, they mostly consist of friends and family that may or may not be a “true fan.” My parents and friends are those who will support me no matter what the circumstance. If i were to have produced more work, and be interested in selling it and working for clients, I would probably go about it through social media. Growing up in this digital age, I know art not because of Galleries or Exhibitions close by, but by the countless hours of browsing the internet. I have found my favorite artists through search engines and Facebook. If I were in that situation, I would almost rely on social media and the internet to distribute and sell my work, contact my fans, and to keep a continuous portfolio of my past works. A successful website which presented my work in a fashionable way would be ideal to attract a bigger audience to view my work.



Four Seasons DC Website Redesign:

Website Redesign