1. Bolivian Blue Bean Brew http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715791/bolivian-blue-bean-brew

I was originally attracted to this image because I like the color blue and I like coffee. But I appreciate how the designer used the old maps and the burlap bags to add more texture and dynamism to the composition. It;s also interesting how the inclusion of these images evokes concepts of trade and international market– from the beans to the brew. And the blue coffee swirl is nicely executed.


2. Corona Blue http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715799/corona-blue

Again, I like the color blue. I am impressed with the creator’s ability to convincingly render the beer color to blue. Also, their inclusion of “Azul” under the Corona label is a nice touch. I didn’t even notice at first that they had changed that because it was done so seamlessly. I also like the creativity in including “Azul.”


3. Vegas girl  http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715854/vegas-girl

I really like the concept behind this image. The roulette wheel really looks an eye. The added sensitivity to lighting (the highlight on the roulette wheel and the shadow from the eyelashes) really enhances the overall believability of this piece, as well as the rim of red around the “iris.” Another great area of sensitivity to detail is in the treatment of the card symbols. They really look like they are painted onto this girl’s skin. I don’t know how they achieved such a realistic effect: It looks more complicated than simple blending modes. The bend of the painted symbols with the movement of the flesh, the corresponding highlights, and the perspective (enhanced by blurring) push this image into a realm of possibility, rather than improbability.

4. Water Babies? http://www.worth1000.com/entries/305430/water-babies

This little bug is so convincing. It does look like it is made out of water. The way it holds and distorts a reflection of the leaves behind it, the texture of fallen rain over its body, and the splashing drop of rain are nice touches that increase the realism of this piece.

5. FUZZY FROG http://www.worth1000.com/entries/715688/fuzzy-frog

I just think this one is funny, but also convincing. I would like to have a fuzzy frog. Although I think the artist rendered the textures convincingly, I feel it could’ve benefited from more attention to shading. There are parts of the frog’s body that feel more like an applied pattern rather than fur on a living creature. I think the blue lacks the most necessary detail. And the eye could be more convincingly integrated into the body of the furry frog.