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Worth 1000 images

Image 1

I think this picture is awesome. Being born on Halloween, I’ve always been into demonic and dark imagery. I love the concept of taking something so simple and cute, like a small white bunny, and adding a demonic twist to the image. The photoshop work is great as it’s simple and clean.


Image 2

This image reminds me a lot of my childhood, which was spent playing in the woods behind my house. One of my favorite things to do in the summer was group up with some friends and catch snapping turtles. This picture does a great job emphasizing the point of snapping turtle teeth. Although they are not quite like this, when your hand goes anywhere near their mouth, this is the exact feeling and image that will immediately pop into your head, as once they bite your finger it’s quite a task getting it back.

Image 3

Being a dirt biker, this image really catches my attention. The way the artist took a simple image of a dirt bike and added a fiery explosion to the back end of the bike looks awesome. I also like the color chosen in this image as it’s darkened and really pushes out the colors of the flames.

Image 4

As my final image, it’s another fiery demon like picture. I’m also fascinated by fire and the way it moves throughout images. I love the way the fire morphs into a demon face, but it also has some magical effects mixed in. The photoshop done on this image is pretty wild and I think it does a great job capturing how the artist can really make some of these images come to life.