My favorite images on the Worth 1000 photoshopping contests, to name a few were:

One is because I love fairies. Two her wings are amazingly done. Three is the landscape is cool looking. Four the fish with the key in its mouth is an idea that is interesting.

One is because it is amazingly created, it looks like I am looking at a real person with a real lotus flower in her hand. Two the background colors and cloud-like look.

It has some amazing details, including the outfit, the wings, and the position the body it in. It has a calming feeling about it.

The image has a nicely done layout to it with where the fairy was place, as well as how she was place in. The colors are prefect for this sad scene. It was rendered amazingly.

This give the feeling of something that would come out of a child’s story book. The layout is cool with all the butterflies around the fairy.

It is amazingly done. The wing look real like I could really touch them. The fairy is in a realist pose other then a fake one.

It gives off a feeling of importance. The dress is cool looking, I would love to wear it.

I see Odette from the movie The Swan Princess. Dress from a dress-up game. The wings make prefect the dress and the female.

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