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Written Assignment:


This image, dubbed Hot Air Balloon, effectively uses Photoshop to blend and juxtapose an elephant with a hot air balloon, creating an interesting composition with an old time hint. Because of the unlikeliness of these two objects being joined, we are shocked at first, but due to the design with strong lines following the bridge and elephants nose, our eye travels all over the piece.


Flamingo Explorer is the shape of a bird, made of metal and wood objects, floating on top of water. I was drawn to this piece due to the impossible nature of its composition: hooks and fans, lights and barrels, wires and widgets, all making up a curious, goofy-looking bird.  The effective blending of all of the gadgets that make up the bird creates a very believable image with plenty to attract the eye.


Tyrannosaurus Rex is made up of smoke rising from a cigarette, curling to form the skeleton of the dinosaur it’s named after.  The flat back background limits the depth, focusing our eye on the angled billows of smoke creating the interesting dinosaur. It’s believable bone structure is effectively made up of rising smoke, with strong angles that pull the eye up and down again.


New York, New York is a beautiful piece picturing the demise, or evolution, of New York City. The image is split in half, with the waterline dividing the gorgeous sky from the submerged city.  It’s evenly balanced with the strong verticals of the two buildings reaching into the sky dividing the page horizontally and the flying vehicles adding some balance to the darker top left corner of the page.


Beauty effectively joins two chameleon-type lizards to share the same body. The artist affectively blends their bodies together, making it seem like the two heads are each looking at their own prey. Although the bugs aren’t portrayed entirely too accurately or realistically, the beautiful creature they have created makes up for it.


This final image from Worth’s 1000 Photoshop contest is Smith&Canon. It beautifully joins a camera and its different parts with the body and shape of a pistol. Due to the similar materials they are both made out of, we are able to join them without trouble in our mind. Its simply done and effective at the same time.