Website review in order of preference:

I like this website the most because it is modern, clean, and attractive. I like their color scheme. I think the interior “blog” and “find work” pages are particularly nice, however, I find the headings of the interior pages a little cluttered. I really like how their navigation system looks.

I like the color scheme of this one a lot. That peach coral color and the turquoise are my two favorite colors. I like how inviting the website feels. I like their logo too. But I think that they distract from its simplicity by crowding it with text. The search function is really nicely laid out. Their portfolio examples are nice too.

I’m placing this one third because I like the large images on their slider. However, the text over the images is a little bit difficult to read. And the slide with all the people, and the text, feels crowded. I don’t like the big white block for the navigation system either. I like the brown sections of the homepage because they feel clean and well organized. I think their menus are too crowded. Their overall search function is nice enough, though.

Hate this website! It’s so ugly. It’s functional enough and at least it isn’t too crowded. But it lacks overall style and design taste. It feels very amateur. Their logo is pretty lame too.