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I’m not having that one graded, so don’t judge too harshly.

Talent Agencies

Paradigm Agency

This one is by far the worst. I’m not even really sure if they work with creative talent, but the website was just so awful I had to show it. And it’s bad that I can’t tell. But it just shows how important web design is, because I don’t think anyone visiting this website would ever trust this business. To begin with, it is very static. There is nothing to scroll down to see and it all feels like I’m just looking at a business card. Nothing invites me to click on it, which might be because¬†the bottom buttons don’t even work!¬†Where it says “Beverly Hills, Monterey, Nashville, New York” you should definitely be able to click on those buttons. The only real navigation on mine is at the top. It makes me feel like there’s nothing to the company. Also it looks like the pictures were optimized to too low of a quality. Everything looks slightly fuzzy and I have a relatively small computer so it should look perfect.

United Talent Agency

This site has a really nice aesthetic. I like the silhouettes and it is overall tasteful and easy to read. However, I don’t like how brief descriptions are when you click on them. I didn’t find any pages that take you to a new page so it just feels brief, making me assume it’s a small company. I wouldn’t have really realized this without looking at the other sites, but it seems like the more successful ones have videos and images and a more dense media experience at least somewhere. It’s kind of confusing because I definitely see them talking about digital media but they don’t mention the work design anywhere that I can find. They talk about video games and online media, etc. so I know they do creative stuff but I definitely get more of a business vibe from them. They should work on that though, because it makes me really confused about what they do.

BIG Creative

I like the fancy slideshow element and the fact that they’re showing work by people they represent. But you can’t click on them and the white backgrounds are distracting. Overall the website is ugly. It feels tiny and it isn’t responsive. I have the same issue with Paradigm where I don’t agree with their optimization of images. I guess it’s just really noticeable in text, which I’m assuming is another reason people should try to code their type instead of using images. Definitely looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. I’m surprised at how bad most of these websites are.

Vitamin T

This place did it RIGHT. It’s clear that they represent designers. The website looks great right away. They’ve created depth with transparency and used a nice big image but didn’t just use it as a crutch. Whoever made it looks like they knew what they were doing, it doesn’t look amateur like Paradigm and BIG. They definitely went the more popular route of trying to make their website seem like more than just an advertisement for their company, adding videos and articles, trying to get traffic in other ways. They’re showing that they’re relevant in the field and up to date on new things. It’s great that they divide the home page into two options for visitors, looking for work or looking for talent. I think this is the only website that made their client’s directly available to browse, so it makes future talent feel like they’d be getting your work out there. Skimming through the large amounts of text available (a relief when you’re looking into something as sketchy as talent agencies) they seem to be the biggest agency, it seems like they work off of a large network of other companies. Not sure if the company is actually good or not, but they certainly know how to make a good website!