Here is my Isotope

- still working on customizing everything, I think I’m gonna go with an entirely different template and work on getting the sorting function to work.

I chose to critique Isabel’s “Sea Game.” I thought this was a pretty cool game that keeps things simple but fun. I really like the second level, as the animation used was really interesting. The background works well with the colors of the actors as well, as nothing seems to blend in and all actors stand out from the background. One simple addition you could to make to the game would be to add a health bar, or some type of status bar. Or maybe add a score and have the score decrement by some interval every time the actor gets hit. Also, maybe try changing the paths and/or speed of the “lasers” as they fire out from the actors, as this would make them a little harder to predict. Overall I thought this was a really cool game that was simplistic, but set the foundation to something that could turn out to be an awesome game.