For my blog post, I’ll talk about how I got sick this weekend. I blame the weather and poms. I had to cheer at the football game this past weekend and was not dressed enough for the cold (and the same with the rest of my team). Two sweaters and gloves was not enough for four hours of standing in the wind and freezing cold torture. On top of that, the next morning (Sunday), we had to participate in the Turkey Run at 7:30 in the morning. The temperature was 30 degrees but with the wind it was 12. 12 degrees. That alone is ridiculous, and it doesn’t even include being outside for more than two hours. We danced before the runner’s warm-up and cheered on the runners, and even with three jackets and two pairs of pants on, I still got sick. It looks like my Thanksgiving break will be filled with DayQuil and sadness.