Isotope was developed to take advantage of the best browser features available. For animations, you can use CSS3 transitions and transforms in capable browsers. Isotope provides Javascript animation fall back for lesser browsers.

animationEngine option

You can control how Isotope handles animation with the animationEngine option. This option has three values which control whether jQuery applies styles with.css() or .animate().

CSS transitions

To enable animation with CSS transitions, you’ll need the following code in your CSS:


With these two options you can finely control how animation is handled across browsers.

Browsers that support CSS transitions will use them. Other browsers will fall back to using jQuery animation.

Always use jQuery

All browsers will use jQuery animation, regardless of their CSS transition support.

Never set animationEngine : 'jquery' AND add CSS transition declarations. This will cause double-animation in browser that support CSS transitions — which is a bad thing.

Only CSS transitions


Animation is not enabled in any browser