Our Vision

Our mission is to strengthen, empower and equip young women as agents for change in their lives and in the world. By increasing the participation of women in social, political and economic decision-making, Sadie Nash Leadership Project seeks to question and redefine the nature of leadership and to promote perspectives and practices that are cooperative, accountable, ethical and effective.


This special fund will help Sadie Nash stay creative and even take risks to develop cutting-edge leadership programs for another 10 years and beyond. Longtime Sadie Nash friend Amy Feinberg has launched the Innovation Fund with a generous $100,000 challenge grant for all donors donating to the 10-for-10 circle and above (click here to learn more). With this match we hope to raise $500,000 by the end of the year to help ensure Sadie Nash's sustainability and innovation for the next 10 years.


Sadie Nash is guided by the concept that young women are Leaders Now. As a result, girls are active leaders in both program activities and organizational management. We are committed to reaching greater numbers of girls while also deepening impact on each individual girl, across all our programs.

Our Priority

Sadie Nash seeks to serve young women who need us most. We are expanding our partnerships with schools and social service agencies to reach girls who include recent immigrants, pregnant and parenting teens, court-involved youth, and young women at-risk of dropping out of school.

SADIE NASH Goes National

Sadie Nash is currently designing a unique training model for local and national organizations so that young women around the country will have access to our programs and develop their leadership. We are also dedicated to excellence and innovation, and will continue to use NYC as a lab for leadership programming.