Not cookies, but BACON?!

Single Bezier Left

I started it, but the pigs wanted to put a joke at the bottom...

I must say that this semester has been the busiest that I have ever been. This semester, I am taking advantage of my 2nd and final chance to screen for the Graphic Design program, as well as screening for Digital Art & Design as a backup, which are both within a span of about 2-3 weeks. I was currently hired as a Marketing Chair for Graphic Design for the Campus Activities Board for next school year, so I have been very busy with new board member meetings and assignments. I am also preparing for my summer job (which I am very proud of, since it is my second job, but the first one I applied for and actually got), where I will be working as an art teacher at a summer camp. I have never done anything like this before, so the training and mental preparation is definitely a lot to take on. All of this is of course on top of the regular academic classes that I have, including (but not limited to) a Human Geography group project, physics exams that are the only source of graded assignments (I am not good with physics at all), a sociology exam, drawing final projects, and of course re-doing pretty much all of my projects for this class (which has been quite a stressful challenge from start to finish). Being someone that “fell off” with being so involved after high school, picking all of this back up and trying to do more has definitely made it difficult to organize my schedule and not try to procrastinate all semester long. But this assignment is about bacon right? Well let's say pigs decide to go to New York City. Did you know that they take pig-up trucks to get there? They do have to be careful though, because they always have to watch out for pigpockets. As we all know, there are a lot of germs in that city, unfortunately. So most likely, if a pig were to get "sick", the nurse at a hospital would say that's a bunch of baloney!