How It Started

It was no big deal.

I'd never been to Vegas before, but my parent's 40th anniversary was that month and they wanted my brother and I to take a family trip to Vegas for a long weekend.

We decided to stay at the Flamingo since it had just been renovated.

Great Time!

Vegas was overwhelming

We found my brother and his friend and did a quick tour of our surroundings. Then we hit the pool. We had a few margaritas and I got a little burnt.

After that, we treated my parents to an awesome dinner at Top of the World restaurant in the Stratosphere hotel. The bill was ridiculous! Then we saw one of the Cirque Du soleil shows "Mystere."

All in all, we had a great night so far. My parents were tired, said good night and told my brother and me to have fun.

Wha Happun?

This is the sequence of events from that night.

The Aftermath

My parents opened the hotel door.

My brother and I were lying on the carpet in the hallway. We were so hungover we missed our plane. Mom kept giving me the "I'm very disappointed in you, Katy" look. Dad still won't mention it to this day.

Glad we did it anyway, minus the giant headache.