Printmaking with Linoleum

Printing Your Plate

Printing Your Plate

Using linseed oil-based ink and a brayer, ink is then applied to the relief surface of the linoleum. When inking up your roller it should make a "hisp" sound, like an egg frying in a pan when you roll it in the ink. Make sure the entire brayer is covered evenly with ink before rolling. Be careful not to over-ink the plate, if ink floods the grooves, you can lose your design.
Tools Needed
Here is a list of things you will need to get started.
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Sign and Number
How to sign and number your prints.


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Signing & Numbering

How to number your prints

Generally, you should determine how many prints you'd like to make. Say in this case, you say 40. Then each print would be numbered on the bottom left 1/40, 2/40 and so on. The center would be the title in quotations. The right would be your signature and optionally the date MM/YYYY the print was made.