1. For one week, you just said post an entry in the blog, so I will post an entry relating what I am doing right now to the world of graphic design. Right now, I am sitting with my roommates discussing the specifics of going out on the weekends. My roommates are what people would refer to as “bros,” while people people would call me a “hipster.” This means that my roommates dress up while they go out on the weekends, but I don’t. It could be argued, however, that I dress up all the time, because I care about that thing all the time, but my roommates only care when they are trying to get laid. This means that design only matters when you care about what others think, at least in the arena of visual appearance. Although this may be completely obvious, it matters, in that it implies that the ultimate purpose of design is to convince someone of something.


2. For my second blog post, I will talk about installation/performance. I often find myself laughing at performance art. I saw a lady who knitted out of her vagina for woman’s rights, and then a guy on Facebook posted about how she should be shot, to which some feminists from MICA argued with him for several hours. I saw this all after the fact and got a good laugh out of it, but it also provoked some thought in me, about the nature of people arguing on Facebook to prove a point, but also about feminism. I would like to think that the guy who posted the status also thought about feminism in a new light, but chances are he was really rooted in his stupid thoughts already. Performance art puts the artists up to a level of ridicule like no other, but it also can make some really strong points.


3. For my third blog post, I will return to my first blog post an work off of that. In order to convince someone of something, you need to want to convince someone of something. The whole point of graphic design is to convince people of things, so it takes people who have an inclination of convincing to do it. Art means self expression. Graphic design means the expression of others. But the classic art of the Renaissance is religious in nature, and was all commissioned by the church to convince people of the opinions of others. In this way, maybe graphic design can be real art. It’s a question I will face—art vs. graphic design, expression vs. bullshit. Time will tell.