Alright, for this blog post I am going to critique Delaney’s holiday sprite. I really enjoyed that she customized the font and actually used handwriting for “from Towson University.” I believe it makes the thought more personal and visually appealing for the viewer. The mug and cookies animation is AWESOME, the only thing I would go back and check is the placement of the mug in each frame because it seems to glitch a little, and either make that more noticeable so it seems intentional or alter it so the mug is in the same spot throughout the movement… that is me being nit-picky. Finally, I would change the balloon animation to something more festive like possibly a candy cane or gift box? Balloons just don’t seem to fit for that. I love the background colors and the stars, maybe see what they would look like if it continued up behind the text, just to see but it may be too cluttered. Other than that I think she did a really great job with this project and understanding the possible uses of sprites!