Lets talk flash.



PART 1: 

modify one of the free themes at sequence.js


Choose two tutorials, do them:
easy: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/visuals/quick-tip-using-images-as-fullscreen-faux-gradient-backgrounds/

easy: http://webdesignledger.com/tutorials/20-high-quality-photoshop-web-design-tutorials

moderate: http://webexpedition18.com/articles/create-attractive-web-typography-with-css3-and-lettering-js/

hard: http://usejquery.com/posts/create-a-unique-gallery-by-using-z-index-and-jquery

And then write about what you have made on the blog.


assignment: making an image (with wonderful graphics) of a desktop with a piece of paper containing the provost’s letter. You don’t have to animate it – BUT, if you make it in an animation program you will be closer to solving the following week’s assignment.

Download this image archive: towson snow images

Download the towson logos

Download the Provost’s written holiday greeting.

Download some sample desktops to consider.