You say, “Why should I learn these difficult technical skills when it’s all just gonna change? Let me know when it’s settled down.” Problem is, by the time you catch on that it’s *never* gonna settle down, you’re five years behind, with no real way to catch up, and you feel like a one-person Soviet Union. — Stewart Brand, on the WELL, about 1991


Design decisions:

Anatomy of a Design Decision | Jared Spool | Live at An Event Apart | Video from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

What clients don’t know:


Jason Santa Maria – On Web Typography from Build on Vimeo.


WIRED Editor Clive Thompson: Where Big Ideas Come From from WIRED on


Sprites!  make one using this: or spritely

Make a parallax page.  Use any solution you prefer, but consider stellar.js.  Please make it about a wonderful beautiful snowfall and a great holiday season.

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