1000 words of advice



Hartmut Esslinger – Advice For Designers from frog on Vimeo.




Some general advice:

1. Sell yourself without selling yourself.

2. Put yourself out there.

3. Find the right fit.

4. Know what you’re worth.

5. Do more.

6. Make friends.

7. Stay positive.

8. Know your Stuff

9. Design a Beautiful Portfolio Site

  • Your website is usually the first thing potential clients will look at
  • You want to blow potential clients out of the water with your design skills because, believe me, they will be leery about your lack of experience.
  • Since you probably won’t have many other websites to display in your portfolio, you can use this as your “baby”. Teach yourself new things when designing and developing it.

10. Start from the Bottom Up

11. Seek Help

12. Model the Established

13. Don’t Act your Age

  • Act like you know what you’re doing and be confident in what you can do
  • Learn how to carry on conversations with your elders. They don’t bite.
  • Dress professionally, at least somewhat.
  • Don’t lie to people, but don’t let your age be one of the first things that comes out of your mouth when you meet potential clients either.

14. Learn, Learn, Learn

15. It’s not just What you Know, it’s Who you Know

16. Put Yourself Out There AGAIN

17. You Will Fail and fail again before you succeed.

18. Travel.

19.Identity crisis versus identity capital – build up the parts of your experiences that will prove definitive.

20. Exploration versus procrastination – small steps in errant directions is a better interstitial than inaction.

21. Expand into new circles – your friends are great for a ride to the airport – but weak ties allow you to go places you never thought possible.

22. Half of new jobs are never posted.

23. Small changes ins trajectory can change who and what you are.

24. You are adults. Use your weak ties. Choose your family.

25. Follow through on your commitments.