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This is my comparison of four talent placement agencies. I found it quite difficult to find a well designed site. Many were very primitive, outdated or clearly not created by a designer.

The first site is for One Source Talent- although I think this one is a tad cluttered- it spells out clearly what the site’s purpose is with photos, a feature called “Become a model or an Actor” and three navigation tabs at the top for the types of people who may come to that site. The dullness of the gray and blue colors are offset with bright greens and purples to create interest. I think this site is nicely organized and well- thought out.

One Source Talent

The second site (creative placement) is pretty bare bones. It lacks interest and organization. I’m not sure anyone visiting their site would bother to read the long paragraphs. Instead of putting photos of their present or future clients they have pictures of their office.

Creative Placement

The Commercial Talent site is a newer site that kind of misses the point as far as what they are. Are they looking for actual people? I see a helicopter, a city and grass. Not sure what I’m looking at here.

Commercial Talent Agenciy


The CTG site is very simple but much more sophisticated at communicating with photos what they are and what their mission is. They have a nice three line explanation of what they are- they’re located in LA and New York and they have clients with pretty faces. I think the blue color overlay on the site is a nice touch.

Clear Talent Group

3D Slider