Class 9: Infinite Library

“In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it. The following Generations, who were not so fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map was Useless…” – Borges, “On Exactitude in Science”

The Library of Babel

Infinite Library, Recursion, The map and the territory




Choose one or two of these physics games and play with them for a bit.  Do you like this kind of game?  If you were going to make one, how would it be different?


Prepare for BORINGNESS like you have never known!





  1. Please take the first three classes/tutorials here: http://www.codecademy.com/courses/web-beginner-en-HZA3b/0/1?curriculum_id=50579fb998b470000202dc8b (and yes, sign in and create an account.  sheesh.)
  2. Revise your video game as much as possible in the manner discussed in class.
  3. Make a web design – no need to code it – which is an eCommerce site.  Consider doing it about something you know a lot about.  Include a home and internal page.
  4. Please post an entry on the blog of at least three sentences focusing on

Unrelated But Interesting: Installation /  Performance

Mierle Ukeles
What are some of the boundaries of art?
The official Artist in Residence at the Freshkill landfill for the sanitation department of New York.

How can twitter change the world?

Class 7: Medium, Rare

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Dr. Thomas Fuller



“normal” flow versus non-normal, I guess.  An exercise for the beginning of class:

<div style="width:200px;margin:5px;border:solid thin black;">
This is the first div. It's 200 pixels wide with a 5px margin around it.

<div style="width:390px;height:20px;margin:10;border:solid thin black;">
This is a wider div.

<div style="width:400px;margin:15px;border:solid thin black;">
This is a div that's a bit wider than the second one.




“The Medium is the Message” How does this medium change the process of doing art? How is it different for you, what are some of the differences that matter?

“The Medium is the Message” (more)

Paola Antonelli

Tim Brown (Design Thinking, Ideo)
Tim Brown asks, where do good ideas come from?  What is inspiration, what does empathy offer us?

“Not so long ago, Tim Brown recounts, designers belonged to a “priesthood.” Given an assignment, a designer would disappear into a back room, “bring the result out under a black sheet and present it to the client.” Brown and his colleagues at IDEO, the company that brought us the first Apple Macintosh mouse, couldn’t have traveled farther from this notion.

At IDEO, a “design thinker” must not only be intensely collaborative, but “empathic, as well as have a craft to making things real in the world.” Since design flavors virtually all of our experiences, from products to services to spaces, a design thinker must explore a “landscape of innovation” that has to do with people, their needs, technology and business. Brown dips into three central “buckets” in the process of creating a new design: inspiration, ideation and implementation.”

Tim Brown on Change By Design from IDEO on Vimeo.



  1. Please post an entry in your blog.  Take a screenshot of your favorite site and explain why – in a full paragraph at least – you like it so much.
  2. Revise your eCard, animate it, make it wiggle and shine.  Finish it for next week.
  3. We will meet at 10 PM ONLINE next sunday night for a 1 hour class that focuses on gamesalad.  Make sure you are ready.

Street Art: D*Face

Critical Cultural Concept: Community,
Collaborative art
As Social Media in the form of facebook and twitter, for instance, change the face of how we interact with the web, how might that change art?

Homework Assignment #7.1: Elizabeth Owens

Homework Assignment #7: Elizabeth Owens

Assignment 4 & 5

I got behind, but here is my Lion animation!

Blog Post 4

Probably one of the most intense interactive experiences that I ever had was produced for The Arcade Fire by Chris Milk. The Website is called “The Wilderness Downtown” and it’s one of the most palpable examples that I have of saying to myself “I want to build that. Not something else, I want to know how to make that. The rich technology, the beautiful artistry, and the fantastic multi-layered music, combined with user input and personalization just makes my head spin. I’ve tried dissecting it a few times and it just constantly escapes my understanding.

Blog Post 5

I’ve never had much of a chance to travel, sadly. Being part of a lower middle class family, I started working when I was 10, and have spent a lot of my young adulthood having to do things on my own ticket. Most of my traveling has been driving to local places for short trips.

When I was a highschooler, before I had desk jobs and college, I had a particular love for backpacking. West Virginia was close and full of gorgeous unsullied wilderness, and my reminiscence of those times are warm and dusky memories: waking up surrounded by leaf litter and the peculiar cleanliness of virgin soil, breaking the crest of a mountain ridge and feeling the playful breeze that couldn’t find its way down the tree studded mountainside, drinking greedily of a burbling spring that fed a tiny and frigid creek that winded its way through the loam and over pebbles.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to take an expenses trip paid to Ireland. While I was in awe of the old stone structures and landmarks that our tour regularly took us too, the unbridled joy that poured into me like a torrent while I stood at the top of a heather capped peak, surrounded by the sea and rivers and a milk white sky will innervate me for a long time.

My ultimate hope is to be able to take a trip to New Zealand. The pictures that I see are enough to make me wistful.

Homework Assignment #5: Elizabeth Owens


Homework #5

So here is my unexpected lion thing. As well as this is my updated homework #4 since last week I only had it partially done.



Sarah Brown: Homework #5

Lion 2.0

Homework Assignment #4: Elizabeth Owens

It doesn’t have a soundtrack, yet, and it needs a tad more length, but I’ll try to post those additions in a new post by sometime next week!

Homework #3

Since I was out last week, here is my Angry square and Anxious triangle.


Homework #4

Since I was not here last week, my 4th project is lacking. I will update it though later this week.

Breathe in the Air

Home work Assignment 4

Sarah Brown: Homework #4

Lion Flash Assignment

Gimmie all yo stuff

Gimmie All yo stuff 2 from Jona Wigfall on Vimeo.

Homework Assignment #3: Elizabeth Owens


Sarah Brown: Homework #3

Square VS Triangle

.swf renderer

Here is a link to download a 3rd party software that will convert .swf files into a .png sequence, so that you may convert flash animations to movies pretty easily.  The only drawback is that sound must be reapplied to the final animation.


You can import the .png’s as an image sequence into After Effects, but don’t forget to re-designate the amount of frames from your .swf in the timeline of the AE document so that your movie plays at the same frame rate that the .swf file did.

For example, say you just imported the new .png’s as an image sequence into After Effects and dragged the sequence down to the timeline.  After effects will change the duration of your image sequence, so you have to select it in the timeline and modify its frame duration to the duration of the amount of frames (.png’s) that were converted.  Make sure also that your document is playing at 24 frames per second and your movie will be fine.

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Assignment 7

Tomorrow Never Knows
I was absent when this was assigned, so I hope it fills the requirements.
I used quite a few motion paths towards the end and tried to make it sync with the music.  As for the rest of the video I plan on animating each layer the the shape

Homework 6

Here is an updated version of my lion animation. Much better than the previous. I got my sound in there and I included a play button. I still feel it could be a little more fluid – I think this is my biggest problem with flash.

Lion Animation


Reading response:

Interesting read – it gave me a lot to think about in terms of being genuine across the internet. The most intriguing point for me was the topic of authenticity. It made me think – what if someone copies my work? I think I’d be both pissed and flattered at the same time. In some ways I find copied pieces a form of flattery – that is, if they are not a direct copy, maybe just similarities here and there. I would be glad that my work could or would inspire another. But I also feel that, hey, I busted my ass on that – I want the credit I deserve.



Lion Animation