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Homework 12: animation

Homework 11: isotope

Homework 10: scrollorama

Homework 7: winter provost animation

Homework 6: sequence

Homework 5: spritely

Homework 5b: parallax

Homework 2: ken burns effect

natalie reed final

homework 1: responsive website

homework 2: infographic

homework 3 & 4: hotel website home page and internal page 

homework 5: sprite and parallax

homework 6:  sequence

homework 7: provost card

homework 8: game

homework 9: e-commerce site home page and internal page

homework 11: isotope


the two I am choosing not to be graded:

homework 10: superscrollorama

I actually worked the hardest and feel the most accomplished about this website, but apparently in some browsers the animations near the end do not work. I can’t figure out how to fix it, so I have to scrap it.

homework 12: layer slider

I just don’t have time to make this different from the original enough. I would have been happy with it at the beginning of the semester, but now that I know what I can do I don’t want to be graded on this one. Just not enough time during finals week! But It is really cool and I will definitely finish it over winter break.

homework 12

layer slider

I’m not having that one graded, so don’t judge too harshly.

Talent Agencies

Paradigm Agency

This one is by far the worst. I’m not even really sure if they work with creative talent, but the website was just so awful I had to show it. And it’s bad that I can’t tell. But it just shows how important web design is, because I don’t think anyone visiting this website would ever trust this business. To begin with, it is very static. There is nothing to scroll down to see and it all feels like I’m just looking at a business card. Nothing invites me to click on it, which might be because the bottom buttons don’t even work! Where it says “Beverly Hills, Monterey, Nashville, New York” you should definitely be able to click on those buttons. The only real navigation on mine is at the top. It makes me feel like there’s nothing to the company. Also it looks like the pictures were optimized to too low of a quality. Everything looks slightly fuzzy and I have a relatively small computer so it should look perfect.

United Talent Agency

This site has a really nice aesthetic. I like the silhouettes and it is overall tasteful and easy to read. However, I don’t like how brief descriptions are when you click on them. I didn’t find any pages that take you to a new page so it just feels brief, making me assume it’s a small company. I wouldn’t have really realized this without looking at the other sites, but it seems like the more successful ones have videos and images and a more dense media experience at least somewhere. It’s kind of confusing because I definitely see them talking about digital media but they don’t mention the work design anywhere that I can find. They talk about video games and online media, etc. so I know they do creative stuff but I definitely get more of a business vibe from them. They should work on that though, because it makes me really confused about what they do.

BIG Creative

I like the fancy slideshow element and the fact that they’re showing work by people they represent. But you can’t click on them and the white backgrounds are distracting. Overall the website is ugly. It feels tiny and it isn’t responsive. I have the same issue with Paradigm where I don’t agree with their optimization of images. I guess it’s just really noticeable in text, which I’m assuming is another reason people should try to code their type instead of using images. Definitely looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. I’m surprised at how bad most of these websites are.

Vitamin T

This place did it RIGHT. It’s clear that they represent designers. The website looks great right away. They’ve created depth with transparency and used a nice big image but didn’t just use it as a crutch. Whoever made it looks like they knew what they were doing, it doesn’t look amateur like Paradigm and BIG. They definitely went the more popular route of trying to make their website seem like more than just an advertisement for their company, adding videos and articles, trying to get traffic in other ways. They’re showing that they’re relevant in the field and up to date on new things. It’s great that they divide the home page into two options for visitors, looking for work or looking for talent. I think this is the only website that made their client’s directly available to browse, so it makes future talent feel like they’d be getting your work out there. Skimming through the large amounts of text available (a relief when you’re looking into something as sketchy as talent agencies) they seem to be the biggest agency, it seems like they work off of a large network of other companies. Not sure if the company is actually good or not, but they certainly know how to make a good website!

Assignment 12

Animation thing.


For the blog, I’m going to talk about these four talent agency websites.
This was probably my favorite website mainly because of the homepage. I really enjoyed the background, logo, and the simplicity of it. United Talent’s website has welcoming colors, an interesting background, and the navigation is simple to use and see the text. Normally, white text on black backgrounds are hard to read but this site does well with making it easy to read because of the colors used around the page.

This website, unlike United Talent, doesn’t have much of a background that you can see (well at least not on my laptop). It also jumps right to the point with many different agencies on the homepage along with a navigation to search for what you need. This can be successful because people who come to the website don’t have to navigate through link after link to find what they need. However, it’s a lot less interesting and less appealing to the eye than the first site.

This site was very overwhelming to me, solely because of the left column that seems to make you have to scroll for miles…and miles… It has some good parts to it (such as the use of photos along with text to accompany them) but it also has some bad parts (such as the huge block of text in the center column). Another thing I didn’t like was how small the navigation bar was. If the photos/text on the left hand column were maybe divided into two columns, I feel it’d be more successful.

This website, like United Talent, was very easy to navigate through and was welcoming (in my opinion). Although it’s very simple and easy to use, I feel as if more imagery could benefit the page. It was just a little boring to me. It was, however, very professional feeling with how crisp the page was set up and the text faces that were used. I also enjoyed how no matter where you navigated to through the page, the contact number was clearly seen in all of them to draw peoples’ eyes to it.

Homework 3


If I had 1,000 fans, I would be so happy. To have someone like my work enough to call themselves a fan, I just cannot explain the feeling.


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Homework 10



This is an entry in my blog.

Homework 12

This website looks like a department store website, not talent website.

This one has a lot of blue in it to give it a professional feeling. The website has lots of information and is really simple.

This website comes off as really cheesy with the stock picture of a woman jumping for joy. You cannot take the company seriously.

This website is plain looking and in the upper right corner is an ad to go to their facebook page but down at the bottom of the page is a list of ways to connect with them.

Homework 12

Here’s my final animation.

For the blog post, I chose to compare the following talent placement agency’s websites:


I like the home page of United Talent the most out of all four. It’s simple and artistic and doesn’t bombard me with information that I don’t need. I think the idea of having a website work with a simple navigation bar and then provide necessary information with a shadowbox-like effect. I think the presentation of the website’s information itself is the most creative, but it is hard to read bold white body text on a black background. Also, I think that the text boxes that pop up could be bigger for the screen as well, because almost all of them have scrollbars inside anyways.

The initial page for the APA Agency doesn’t thrill me too much. My initial thoughts were that it as a website for local actors, and not Oscar-winning actors and famous comedians that they manage. I would have liked to see a more creative or better-designed page with more space in between elements because everything feels cramped in the middle. Moreover, the headings for each page have uneven black borders and don’t feel like they relate to what the section is about (ex: the chairs don’t feel like they are describing what an “About” page is). However, I do think that their Comedy page is very successful. I like that it gives small thumbnail pictures for all their comedians with the name, and then the option to click to get more information. I think the presentation of those that they manage is very clean and simple.

The general layout for the Circle talent agency seems to be the most successful. The navigation is simplified to five main pages, and the colors and design of the logo are reflected in the color scheme of the website, in the fonts and the blocky-ness of the layout, for example the different tinted blue stripes below the navigation and the horizontal rectangles for each person in their “Roster” page. The only thing I found that needs to be improved was that the information on the lower half of the home page needs to be eliminated. The list of names is very long, and is just repeating what the site presents in the roster. That way, the “Latest News” section all the way at the bottom could be moved up and given some importance.

I like the small animation in Capital’s logo for the home page. The main problem with the home page is that the text is not consistent for the navigation. Some of the words are distorted and badly done from a typographical perspective. The navigation immediately changes in the internal pages, so I think that should be brought in to the home page. The “Designers” page has a nice effect by revealing names by clicking on the photos, but the alignments of the photos is inconsistent with the margins and the spacing. I think that this site has potential for the unique ways it presents its identity as a talent agency, but it needs the most refinement out of all four sites.

Talent Placement Agency Site Comparisons

Four talent placement agencies I found from doing a simple Google search were “United Talent Staffing Services,” “The Creative Group,” “Artisan Talent,” and “24 Seven Talent.” First, the site that I gravitate to the most is 24 Seven because their homepage consists of two large images directing the viewer to be either a client or candidate in their company. Generally a good website includes great photography, and without images a website would be boring to the viewers. Artisan State has their homepage set up similar to 24 Seven with a two column choice for what section of the company you need, but it doesn’t have imagery which makes it less successful than the first agency. However, Artisan State’s site is very clean and simple so all they need to do to keep improving is add some pictures. United Talent’s site has a cut out image on the homepage, but it is a little awkward and their dimensions and layout of the site is also too small and organized oddly. Altogether this site is not as attractive as the other agencies and it seems almost too “corporate” or “business-like” to keep viewers interested and wanting to get involved. The Creative Group has a very bright palette on their site, which goes along with their company, but being a design agency they should try to utilize new and upcoming methods to display the information on their website because that will appeal to the market they are in. I believe Artisan State and 24 Seven were the most successful with their sites, but they can both still improve upon the designs, and The Creative Group just needs to play around a bit more with a design-based site that would get their message across loud and clear.

homework 12

These is my final homework.


For the blog posts, I found four interesting website about talent placement agency. They are

For my self my favorite one is the modeling-association. Not because what is the website doing attract me. The website’s design are very interesting. In this web site, it has clear navigation on the top which is good, and also the image looks pretty nice. And there are lots of information I think can help people get what is the web site doing. For the talentstaff web, it is very simple, do not have lots of fancy things, only have some picture and words to show how to become success. I think, I like the simple way it did. The actingcareers are much more like the modeling one, however there are some different that I think it is worse than the modeling web, which are the color choose for the website, and too less images used in the web. artisantalent I think is the most success web in these for sites. Because it is clean, beautiful and clear navigation which can easily used by every one, the whole page are just simple to guide you what should you do next or go next, it is very good.



4 Talent Placement Agencies





These are four randomly selected talent placement agencies and organizations.  The 24seventalent site is my favorite because it breaks down different job types into easily accessible.  For example, there is a section for gamer’s HTML, which is right up my ally.  Artisan talent seems to have a good balance of job-hunting/hiring, which is powerful for both those seeking jobs, and those seeing to hire, so it brings both halves of the process together.  Utalent looks like it sucks pretty bd, honestly.  I wouldn’t trust it’s legitimacy because of the creepy woman on the home page..!  At Links has a very reactive site, with lots to look at and lots to clock on, keeping you engage in you hunt for jobs and talent placement, but it seems one step down from professional, unfortunatley.

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Here is my animation!

Zaza hotel

  • The ‘Z’ looks like the ‘Z’ from Zorro with the line through the middle
  • Create your own logo, (unless it relates, which, it doesn’t)
  • Zaza, sounds like a Spanish woman with her boobs hanging out
  • Clutter of images
  • Hard and annoying to navigate
  • Pick a theme. It feels like Miami, then Mexico, and then a college dorm.
  • Everything does not need a Z in it
  • Needs to have a page specifically for rooms, or make it easier to find
  • rooms
  • Images should be more consistent
  • Organize the pictures better
  • It is nice how the homepage image gets bigger as the window size gets larger
  • Home page is elegant while internal page looks like crap
  • When you click on one of the locations, it should take you to a new page; not a page inside of that site.
  • to or to
  • Why does it when you try to book, it opens in a new link but opens the same link with a calendar?



  • ·              Simple colors used; like a three-color job with red, white, and black.
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Hotel Zaza Critique

Group members: Kara Bucaro, Kaitlin Wynne, Ted Hanna


The margins in between photos in the gallery are too tight. It needs breathing room and more pixel padding in between each photo because all of those photos are hard to focus on. There is also no hierarchy in the photo galleries so everything looks equally important, and gives the viewer too much choice that is overwhelming.

The opacity on information popping out from the side on these pages is inconsistent. The box that contains information on (top image) is seen on most of the other internal pages like this, but not on (lower image).

opacity 2

opacity 1

The line length for all of the pages that have information spanning the bottom are way too long and need to be edited. (see below image)

long line length

The calendar of events that scrolls across the bottom is hard to read; why don’t they just use a normal calendar that expands out? This view doesn’t allow to see a monthly layout with days of the week and is confusing to read. I don’t read it as an actual calendar.


The spacing between the small menu part and the text box below it does not match the gap at the bottom.

z resorts menu

The social media page has no real order. It should be organized by type of social media to be easier to read.

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Homework 11

I decided to critique  ‘s isotope.

I thought that her isotope is very good. I like that it works like it should and the background is really pretty.

homework 11

This is my Isotope Site.

I want to critique Isabel Kret, i can use one word to say: “cool”~! She changed all the stuff and worked very well, like the background with blue and she add a lot of her own pictures of her life. I checked all the buttons in her page, all the buttons are working and she maybe did several extra pages to make her work completely and fancy. When I click in the music option, there are several videos show up and it’s really cool, I think it’s her own video, everybody will love this, whatever, I like her videos. So I really think she did a good job, perfect, very nice.

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Melissa Sly_homework11_IsotopeSite

Here is my Isotope Site.

I am critiquing Delaney Rice’s E-Commerce site, which was SUPERB. She redesigned and cleaned up the site for her project. I love how much more readability her version of the site had. I have a hard tim with internet shopping, and I am an avid gamer, so locating games and trying not to get lost in the process while using is stressful to me. Her design opened up the dead space to make room for the most important elements of the page. Also, her interior page design was for a Zelda game (Link Between Worlds), which pleased me. I hope that GameStop headquarters sees how convoluted their site is one day soon–so Delaney can save the day!

Class 11

This is my Isotope…only took me 12 hours to do it and almost two weeks just to understand it but its AWSOME!!! AND I MADE A WEBSITE EVEN THOUGH I WAS TAUGHT NOTHING!!! I AM VERY PROUD OF MY WORK!! Yes, there are things that can improved, but damn it don’t ruin my happiness for at least a week! Thank You!


But I really like Ted’s scrollorama thingy (what ever it was called). But I love the colors he used and the interesting things that he have on the site. I feel very awake and positive. I love that he added personality to the original scroll aroma. No he didn’t really change anything visually but he created a story and that is were he added the creativity and his youth is what the project know that Ted made THIS work.

Assignment 11



Here is my isotope! (Ummm for some reason it loads in my browser 10% larger than it does when I preview from DreamWeaver. So Just zoom out once to see how its supposed to look– there’s supposed to be 4 rows of 7.)


I want to critique Natalie’s isotope. I think that she did a beautiful job setting this up. I really like her use of a the paint peeling in the background. It’s fun and colorful, and it adds some quirkiness to the page. I like how engaging her sorting filters are. Also, the work she is displaying is really nice to look at as well. I like the rectangular shape of her blocks instead of the square. Some of the images get cut off though. I was having the same trouble trying to figure out how I could click and get the full image to display and not just a larger square. I still haven’t figured out either, but it would be a cool feature. In terms of improving he website…I think the text for the filter is a little touch to read because the letters are so bold and closely kearned. Also, I would try to figure out why the last sort filter does not line up with its heading. Also the “Natalie Reed” logo is cool but it feels kind of odd being centered. If it were my website I would also include some links that go outside of the page because it feels a little trapped right now. Overall, I am really impressed!!

homework 11


I’m going to critique Rachel’s parallax from homework 5. I like that all of your images are the same size, and everything scrolls nicely. I have a problem with the third image though, as it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of them. While the other three have warm tones and show indoor scenes, the third one is cool and snowy and outdoors. I would change it so that all four are inside, or I would add more variation so that the snowy one doesn’t seem out of place.