Assignment 9—Jonathan Kwak:


Kelly Adams – Assignment 9

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Kathy Wyche — Assignment 9

Assignment 9

An example of Parallax scrolling I really liked was the webpage for Head2Heart. I liked it because it promoted such a good message and information about helping multiple causes while keeping it interactive and interesting. You have to click the numbers to go through the “map” to get to different information about what Head2Heart has to offer and what you can do to help. The animation made the page interesting and simple to people who may not know navigating a webpage well.

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Assignment 9 — Shelbea West

I really enjoyed this website because it was simple and yet really visually stimulating. It kept me interested and put a smile on my face! I think the way that the site really caught me was with it’s bold colors and the use of parallax scrolling to keep the images/pages smooth yet separate. I think the parallax also really engaged me because I could go back and forth as I pleased while looking at the animations and transitions between images.

Blog Post 9- Kelly Weiland

A website utilizing sliding parallax that I found to be pretty awesome was . I think that this website is successful with it’s use of the sliding parallax because it is fun and entertaining for the user.  Throughout the page it gives useful information about Atlantis, but creates it in a way that engages with its user and allows them to have fun while learning about the subject.

Assignment 9 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Megan Baker – Assignment 9

Assignment 9- Joan Lam

I like the website called because I think it is great for kids and if you scroll down, the information and everything will be eaten by the monster, and a the end of the page the monster’s mouth will be closed, I think that is very unique and creative. i think this will be a great website for children. I think this is like you are in control of the animation, so I believe that children will like it.

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Homework Assignment 9 / Kaitlin Mueller



“In web design use, parallax refers to the scrolling technique used to create the illusion of depth on websites.”

Parallax on a website gives the page a more dimensional feel. The website below uses parallax for their fashion site, the scrolling motion is cohesive with the models and the clothing they’re showing.

Assignment 9 – Ashley Hauck


I did a search of the top 50 parallax websites and found iutopi, a website for a company that does branding, graphic, and web design. What I liked about this design was that it in order to make it more interactive for the users, they created a story line and had it so the users had to scroll down, or click buttons in order to get more information and see more of the story. I thought the illustrations were fun and made the website much more enjoyable to look through. It also proved that the designers were good at what they do (graphics and web design).


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REDONE Homework Assignment #9: Elizabeth Owens

Here’s my re-made version of Lizzie’s Bubble Breakdown!!!

Blog Post #9

I found a company called Ikayzo that uses spritely on their home page. They describe themselves as a “creative agency married to a software development firm”. At first, their very aesthetically pleasing home page just has a strip of water that moves across the screen. But when you hit the play button, a little machine-like element starts sinking into the water and then drills through the earth, passing through multiple layers. Each layer showcases something that the company does, such as designing, building, and localizing. It’s actually a really cool little journey, spritely is definitely utilized here on this site.

Kevin Beach: Assignment 9 (possibly the worst)


Sarah Brown: Homework #9 Gamesalad

I used an older version of Gamesalad. File won’t upload onto Gamesalad website and files will not open in recent version of Gamesalad due to operation system differences.

Game: Pokemon Catch


Angry Pachinko

Ian Law; Assignment 9

Arson! and how

Blog Post for 4/11: Elizabeth Owens (Walter Benjamin Response)

Respond to Benjamin’s concern about the fate or art in the age of mechanical reproduction. What happens to art when it is reproduced endlessly, what happens to a culture for whom the “sacred” in art vanishes?

When I finished reading Walter Benjamin’s article, I first had to sit back for a moment to digest all of the super-sized words that were in Benjamin’s vocabulary. (I’ve never seen so many words [with over 4 syllables each] in the same sentence!) After a small reflection, I realized that Benjamin’s observations were a bit too centered about the point of overexposure. Yes, painting has lost its popularity because it’s an “old medium,” but films, whether they’re in a theater or on a computer screen, all come from the same century-old origin. A better comparison would’ve been to compare painting to video games, perhaps. Overall, I just feel that Benjamin should have recognized that the more action and interactivity a piece of art has, the more popular it will be with the public, regardless of how long the public will have been aware of its existence.

Homework Assignment #9: Elizabeth Owens

Lizzie’s Bubble Breakdown:


Assignment 9

I ended up remaking a shooter game! I can’t upload it , but I have a screenshot.

Blog Post 9:

I think the question is not just if the audience takes art as something sacred, but if the artist does themselves. Walter Benjamin is worried about the reaction of culture to what was formerly its conscious and its looking glass—a problem that he himself addresses.

While art does lose its authenticity when reproduced mechanically, it gains a different sort of cultural weight. Mechanically reproduced classics give us the ability to understand the mindsets of past artists, while our present mass media, in film and other forms, represent a less sacred but still vital representation of a culture.

Walter Benjamin’s concern makes no sense to me because he never defines why this collective experience, this apparently vital agreement of what is culturally valuable, is necessary.

Assignment 9

Since I’m going to the Orioles game this Wednesday I created a youtube channel for Towson’s Purrfect Pitch group, to show the class. I will post the actual video I make by the following Wednesday at latest. Also, I have attached a link for a video I made and posted this Friday for a Baltimore Soccer Tournament (hosted by Elite Tournaments). If my Purrfect Pitch video I’m going to create is enough for assignment 10 that’d be great. If not just email me at and I’ll also complete the actual assignment you post tomorrow.

1)Youtube Channel:

2)Baltimore Mania Boys Video:

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