assignment 9 battsengel Lopez

this is my favorite flash website…this is everyones favorite flash website



Jarenae Plessy – Assignment 9

My favorite Flash Animation website is Disney Fantasyland. It is so vinrant and intriguing. The colrs and movements really captivate the audience especially children.

I did a flash animation on how it is illegal to feed birds in Las Vegas…


Assignment 9 – Blog Post – Kelly Weiland

One website I enjoy that uses flash is : this one. Made by Rafael Rozendaal, this net art is something that is highly interactive and interesting. The user just clicks inside the boxes and the boxes change color and size, making the user responsible for the unique end product. I think these types of websites are cool because what makes humans happier than the simple changing of colors and boxes, it captures our attention and makes us addicted! Overall very cool website designed with flash.

Assignment 9 Michelle Tomaski


Assignment 9- Joan Lam

vegas animation

I like this website because the color used and i like the slide effect when the mouse is over the pink cover. it looks like the new window 8 effect that was used. i also like the bouncy effect it provide once you slide down the arrow.

brett shinsky assignment 9

Vegas Flash

disney site

The disney site is completely made with flash. Easy to work and very interactive. My mind is blown by how they were able to create this site. I enjoyed going through the website and playing with the different features. I noticed sometimes it was a bit choppy but only once or twice.

Cody Swann Assignment 9

flash presentation


The comedian Jim Carrey’s offical website is made with flash and it is

the most interesting flash site I have come across.  The home page is constantly

moving and looks very interesting.  Another good quality about the site is

the transition between pages.  Each transition is a crazy animation that leads you

to a new area.  Here is the link to his site.

Brightful, Tyray_assignment9


Kelly Weiland – Assignment 9

Flash Animation



Brandon Peters – Assignment 9

Website: Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s website is one of the most elaborate and interactive flash websites I have ever seen. It is very content rich, and is designed really well. Aside from very smooth and interactive flash design, the overall feel of how the website looks is WILD. It matches that crazy and zany style of Jim Carrey.


Homework 9

(adjusted flash project from another class – utilized newly learned easing)


Anthony Barsotti – Assignment 9


The site I chose is Adobe’s Kuler. It is an interactive color picker that allows you to create color schemes quickly based on various types of schemes like “Shades” and “Complementary.” Kuler is a very powerful tool and it outputs hexadecimal code underneath each swatch so that you can quickly copy the code to any Adobe application that supports hexadecimal codes.

Flash Animation

Clark, Katherine – Assignment 9

  1. Please post an entry on the blog of at least three sentences. Find a site made with flash and describe what you like about it.

Grip Limited website  – Grip Limited is a promotions/marketing ad agency with a fully interactive Flash site.

The site’s vertically aligned menu site separates each nav item into collapsible, scrollable columns. The white back ground with limited color palette of black and  orange bold type  is visually striking (although – I think this format is a little difficult to read) and mixes simple, humorous infographics (how much coffee they drink, what types of dogs they own) with their portfolio . It shows they know what they’re doing (hey, Acura is one of their clients) and they have a sense of humor at the same time. sounds like a great place to work.


2. Flash animation


Nicole LaDue_Assignment 9

Flash Animation

I played one of these little games called “Casanova”.  It was adorable.  Disgustingly adorable.  There is a little giraffe running to the right of the screen, and there are other giraffes running toward the left of the screen, and they are all different sizes.  Basically, you hold the mouse button which makes your giraffe’s neck longer and you have to time it correctly to kiss the other giraffes.  The music is really magical and cute, and the colors are all pastel.  I really liked playing it, it was a little bit of a challenge and I really like giraffes.  However, it supports polygamy.

I also played the strategy game called “Fragger”.  I couldn’t play it for too long because it was really very boring.  I’ve never really been into strategy games, so that doesn’t help at all.  However, when you start playing the game keeps telling you every step what to do.  You just follow the directions, and you win victories and such.  I got a castle of my own after playing for like 30 seconds, and through no skill of my own.  So yeah, the graphics and such are pretty cool, and I liked the epic music, but the gameplay is not fun at all really. is a really cool Flash website that I happened across a couple years ago, which was made to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11.  It is so awesome, it pretty much recreates the whole countdown and launch and everything.  From the beginning you can hear the voices of the men in the control room, talking to Neil Armstrong.  When you click launch it does the countdown, and the rocketship takes off.  It is so very awesome, but obviously takes a really good internet connection to work correctly.  This could be it’s downfall, for some users.

Blog Post – Assignment 9 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

I found this parallax site searching through google. Krystal Rae is a fashion designer based in New York City. She mostly creates designs with “daring patterns.” I was automatically attracted to website by it’s clean look with the black and white theme. I am a huge fan of clean, classy looking websites. Since she designs daring/bold clothing, the idea of using a neon colored animal print for her name shows her style and it balances out the black and white theme of the website. The navigation is easy to find and straight forward. I enjoy the contrast between the font size throughout the site. The site was designed to focus on certain things. For example, at the bottom of the page gives the audience a sneak peak to her collection by using parallax in a very creative way. As you scroll it changes the models outfit. This is an amazing idea! Gives her clients a taste of her style and design. Looking through her collections, I noticed she changes the design for each collection page based on the collection’s style. Some of the color choices are very harsh on the eyes, but she does create bold designs. Overall, I enjoyed going through this website and getting to know the designer.

Amy Balcerak Assignment 9

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Assignment 9: Modern Slide

Assignment 9 – Kelly Weiland



Spritely Link:

Assignment 9 – Zack Behr

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Assignment 9: Max Resnick

Sequenejs Webpage:

Favorite Parallax Website: The new 2012 “Air Jordan” basketball shoe’s website really grabbed my attention withs it new inventive website layout. Controlling this website does not involve any clicking of the mouse. Everything is through the movement of your mouse/mousepad. This websites bright pop of neon colors and its use of abstract imagery truly gives this overall website  depth and dimension while traveling. The type of web design really bring the overall page to life; not just being confined within a single,  nonmoving page. THis website gives viewers the opportunity to explore a product through an animated, interacting, dimensional web page layout.



Jackie Conley Assignment 9

A website I enjoyed browsing on that used sliding parallax was .

It the slider gives you the similar sensation of playing racing games on the wii, which I thought was clever and creative.