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A bit more than a minute of my video. I used scratch film to make this animation which is a psychical process of scratching an image into 16mm tape. click

Assignment 8

Here is a link to A WHOLE MINUTE of my music video!

TV Girl – If You Want It

Assignment 8

Assignment 8


Music Video

I hate to admit it, but the Benjamin paragraph was a bit over my head, he seemed to be talking about how the critics’ and public’s opinions appear to differ based on how what they are consuming is presented to them.  On this note, I would say that this is a true phenomenon, if everybody says they dislike a movie before you see it, you are probably at least a bit more likely to dislike it to.  In terms of the mass reproduction of art, I feel like it becomes less “sacred” as it is mass reproduced.  For example, I have seen countless reproductions of the Mona Lisa since before I can remember, and I recently saw it in person, but didn’t have the reaction I should have had.  I wasn’t necessarily moved or impressed; this was an object I have been familiar with my whole life.  I feel like this would have been different had I never seen it before.






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Assignment 8

Since the website I was working on isn’t functioning completely yet, so I thought that a critique for the work so far wouldn’t be necessary. Instead, here is a website that I worked on this week. Almost finished but I would like a critique on the design.

NYC Lacrosse Camps

Assignment 8 and Blog post

My Extended Music Video
Updated Music Video

Very interesting videos and reading, took me a little while to grasp what he actually was all about in the first video, but the second video summed up the rest for me. I feel if are is reproduced constantly it is bound to lose the value it once held, it takes away the awe that the work inspired initially and makes it so that it an be produced by almost anyone. I remember in a History of Photography class I took a few semester back, where there was great debate over which subjects were alright for photographers to use, there was a big problem when they used subjects primarily set for painters. And the Painters were concerned that they may one day be out of a job, and this was true for some of them.

If art is not sacred then it really does not carry the value of which art still carries today, to a certain extent. I feel art was much more sacred years back, when to be an artist by profession took dedication and an immense amount of skill. Before computers when you didn’t have the crutch that some software can provide. Not saying all art is not held sacred, but much of it is constantly being commercialized and readily available to anyone who wants to try and make “art”.