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Homework #8


Hing Mai-Assignment 8


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Homework Assignment #7.1: Elizabeth Owens


One thing I do every single day is have a cup of coffee, and I almost always use the travel mug I got for Christmas. It is water tight, so no leaks, and it keeps my coffee warm for at least 2 hours. (It very rarely lasts that long anyway). But in addition to how well it functions, it is actually quite appealing to look at. It’s red, made of brushed stainless steel, and curves perfectly to fit into your hand. The texture is very smooth and soft, making it easy to grip. The lid is black and continues with very streamlined curves for the mouthpiece.

Blog Entry for 4/4: “Favorite Object”

An object in my room that I think is well-designed is my iPod boombox. While some might consider it a bit large, when compared to most iPod speakers on the market today, my boombox still has the best bass boost that I’ve ever heard. It’s got a cool cylindrical shape to it, and the stereo speakers are set up on the sides of the device, as well as on the front. When I’m stuck on campus, this boombox is the closest thing I have to listening to music with a car stereo! Now, if I only had a new car of my own…

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Ian Law; Assignment 8

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Justin Dashiell Assignment 8

Assignment 8


Blog Post 8

One of my favorite designs in my wrist rest called Wrist Assist. The reason that I like it so much is really quite simple, it disappears. I think that a lot of design, good and practical design that is, should be self evident. It behaves the way it does and is made the way it is simply because it must be that way (Also known as the Jonathon Ives principle). It has become so vital to my use that I forget it’s there, and it blends seamlessly into my workflow.

Sarah Brown: Homework #8

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Blog Post- Room Object

I have this Monster Energy drink poster hanging on my wall that a friend gave me. It is all green with the drummer from “Kottonmouth Kings”, who’s wearing a wig with glasses on. Then on the top of the poster his drum set is displayed through different windows with a hot girl posing in each one. The best part is that it’s signed by the drummer; Lou-Dog. I always thought it was well designed, crazy, and overall a great gift that fit my room.

Assignment 8

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Kevin Beach: Assignment 8 (worst)

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Sarah Brown: Blog Post Object Design

There’s a cup I use very often.

It’s black, ceramic, and glossed with a small handle.

It’s also tall and skinny compared to normal mugs.

I like it because it doesn’t take up as much space on my desk.

Also, if I’m not paying attention while I’m drinking, I don’t immediately spill it on myself.

The height of the cup makes it so that it takes a minute for the liquid to reach your mouth.

No sudden accidents. :D

Updated Music Video

Extended and updated music video. Check it out here

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Assignment 8 rework


Assignment 8

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Assignment 8





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