Cody Swann Assignment 8

flash presentation


The comedian Jim Carrey’s offical website is made with flash and it is

the most interesting flash site I have come across.  The home page is constantly

moving and looks very interesting.  Another good quality about the site is

the transition between pages.  Each transition is a crazy animation that leads you

to a new area.  Here is the link to his site.

Assignment 8 – Jasmine Johnson

  1. I tried playing “A Cupid’s Day” and “A Dog for All Seasons”, and overall I thought that the style of the games and their basic purposes were well put together.  They had a very innocent feel to them, and I liked that.  Personally, I think that one way “A Cupid’s Day” could have been improved by changing the way that we move Cupid in the sky, possibly by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.  Other than that, both seemed to be fairly successful considering the types of games that they were and who would be playing them.
  2. I tried the physics games “Totem Destroyer 2″ and “Ragdoll Cannon 4″, and I was fairly pleased with them both, considering their “level of difficulty” and their style.
  3. One site that I used to go on all the time was Cartoon Network to play all the classic games, before they lost their minds and added new shows.  I liked how creative they used to be by incorporating the popular shows and their styles into each page layout depending on which game you chose to play.  The flow of each game’s execution seemed almost flawless and the graphics were consistent as well.  Today, they somewhat manage to keep that up; I’m just biased because I hate the shows and games that they have now.

Paul Shiah Assignment 8 960 Grid

Kelsey Cunningham Assignment 8


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Assignment 8 – Zack Behr

Assignment 8

Jackie Conley Assignment 8

aMuse Toy Store Website:

Assignment 8—Jonathan Kwak:

I chose to make a site for a toy store which I named Sad Batch.

Assignment 8- Joan Lam

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Assignment #8 – Megan Baker

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Assignment 8—Kathy Wyche

Kendama Website

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Assignment 8 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

Assignment 8 — Shelbea West

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Assignment 8 – Kelly Weiland

Here is my clothing website using the grid system:


Assignment 8 – Ashley Hauck

Website for a new Children’s Clothing Boutique:




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Assignment 8 – Amy Balcerak

Here is my clothing store website with the grid:

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Assignment 8-Max Resnick

Clothing Website:

With grid:

Without grid:

Respond to Benjamin’s Concern:

I believe that Benjamin’s concerns about art being reproduced endlessness makes the overall value of the artwork less valuable. For artists wanting to get known and out into the art world, many feel that reproducing and over printing compositions is the right path to follow on. However, reprints and endlessness copies of an original artwork makes the original less valuable in the art world.

Homework Assignment 8 / Kaitlin Mueller






Walter Benjamin had concerns about the fate of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. With increasing technology, it’s become easier to recreate the work of masters, although with more precision. A concern of his lays then in the sacred authenticity of art. If artworks are mass reproduced, they have a better chance of being seen by the world, although artists might lose their credibility.

Blog Post #8

I understand where Walter Benjamin is coming from in terms of uniqueness. We as humans like to have things that are one of a kind and personal. It’s hard for me to think of art as being valued most because of its uniqueness. As the students mentioned, art today is valued by its aesthetics and social content, not so much on its uniqueness. I am kind of disappointed that things can be so easily reproduced and lose that certain element, but at the same time I see all the good that has come of it. I’m glad that ideas can be spread quickly, I’m glad that art can be shared across the world. There’s a good chance that a certain piece of art wouldn’t be as popular if it was only able to be seen locally. What is the point of art if no one is able to see it, or talk about it, or compare it? Walter Benjamin lived in a time where this ability to share and mechanically reproduce was just starting to take hold, so he would naturally have some reservations towards it. I think I have the complete opposite problem because I have never lived in a world where this was not possible. Maybe if I had been able to appreciate the authenticity of art without seeing reproductions I would understand. It was actually kind of sad that when I saw things in person at the MoMA I was only slightly impressed. I thought it was really cool to be seeing the original in person, but the weight of that just didn’t hit me. I had seen pictures or prints of all these things so many times before that a lot of the impact was lost. I guess there are good and bad sides to everything.

HW 8

Steffan P

Re-do of assignment #7 Music video


steffan P assignment#7