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Homework 1: Web Page 1

Homework 2: Infographic

Homework 3: Hotel Website 1

Hotel Website 2 

Homework 4: Hotel Internal 1

Hotel Internal 2

Homework5: Parrallax

Homework 6: Slider

Homework 7: Provost 1 and Provost Final

Homework 8:GameSalad Game (Inside my FileZilla in the gamesalad folder, no idea how to get it out)

Homework 9: Ecommerce Home and Ecommerce Internal

Homework 10: Scrollrama

Homework 11: Isotope- still working on it

Homework 12: Transitional- no chance of starting

I’d obviously like to have my last two projects dropped because they just don’t exist. You haven’t seen my Game Salad game- it’s similar to whack-a-mole with a 30 second timer and sharks instead of moles because everyone hates sharks. You have also not seen my Scrollarama, of which I am very proud so please look. I think it’s a great promotional-type site for my work. Everything is clickable also which is pretty cool. I’d like an A in this class because I think you can definitely see improvement in my work. I’m doing to do a little defending now:

My Parallax was intentionally dark and moody and I decided not to change it. I searched out those photos and shopped them to all look like that, so I’m sticking by that choice because I still like it. It’s Night Before Christmas-y

My Ecommerce site could definitely use more words, but I still think it’s pretty eegant while being functional and simple

My slider is one of my favorites because I started to shoot for these projects instead of searching for images. It was motivational

My Scrollarama is my favorite. It’s simple and matches my site and is pretty

Anywho, this class was really great and I will definitely be taking more web design classes, most likely after I graduate. I’m even considering a graduate degree… what have you done?!

Have a great Christmas!

Homework 8

Here is my game


sea game

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E-Card links:

Here is the .mov link (Couldn’t get this to work on my PC)

Here is the file link in a .zip in case the .mov link bugs out.

The audio did not upload with the files for some reason

homework 8 – provost final

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PROVOST _ Melissa Sly_ ProvostDesktopFinal


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Home work 8

This is my game

This is the e-card


Here’s my game.


Here is my game.

homework 8

Here’s my new cinemagraph

Homework 8

Here is the link to my game

Homework 8

Super Awesome Game

Hey here’s this awesome game

Rese Scarbor game



Zip file


Revised desktop 



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Peter Oliveto’s hw8

hope this works


homework 8 second attempt

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Homework 8

Here is my final provost e-card.

here’s the zip for my game.

homework 8

Alright so I don’t know if this is going to work… but here’s a link…


My 3rd version of the Provost Desktop e-card design.


As for my game.  It is rather lame and simple.  I have a miraculous concept, so what I am showing you is merely a concept that I plan to re-work and improve ten-fold by next class at least.  Criticize it fully and without mercy, and allow me to show you next week better potential with my idea.

Here also are some tutorials that I am closely looking at the fuel my final idea:

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