Chasing Pirates (I’m sick of this song)

A bit more than a minute of my video. I used scratch film to make this animation which is a psychical process of scratching an image into 16mm tape. click

Assignment 7

The beginning–


Assignment 7

Assignment 7: Initial Music Video Progress

Here is a link to the beginning of my music video for “If You Want It” by TV Girl.

Assignment 7

assignment 7

To me,  my watch is well designed. It is silver same as my other bracelets. The most important is it’s waterproof. So I don’t have to take it off before a shower.

Link to my music video:

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Music Video progress

Progress so far in the music video:

Music Video

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Music Video Mad World

Here is my music video: Mad World

I tried to use bone tool for part of it but it was not successful so I used tweening instead. Enjoy!

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Object and Assigment 7

The object I found to be beautifully crafted is a lamp that we received as a hand me down recently. The shade of the lamp is a dark brown and has embellishing gems hanging from the edges. When the light is on the shade appears to be more of a burgundy. It is a floor lamp so it has a long flowing base. The base is slim, and has a constant texture throughout its curves. As it approaches the light bulb it expands and contracts giving an elegant and modern feel to the whole lamp.

Here is the link for my Project 7

Assignment 7

For my assignment, I will be creating an interactive website for a local artist who approached me with marketing needs. She had come up with the idea of a website that was controlled by a N64 controller. Here is my mockup on the project on how each page is laid out and the functions of each button.

Household Object

I recently noticed how beautiful and well-designed my fish bowl in my room is.  It is the home my betta fish, Steph Taylor.  The glass fish bowl is cylindrical in shape with the bottom flattened to sit on and a circular opening on top surrounded by a rounded lip.  The glass is maybe a quarter of a centimeter thick (rough estimation).  The thickness of the glass creates a slightly green hue when looked at from intersecting angles.  It is not perfect glass; there are slight craters and hills, but that makes it all the more interesting.  I think that the fish bowl is designed perfectly to provide enough room for the fish with its rounded sides yet its purpose of providing a view of the fish is effective in its flat sides.

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Object McObject-Describin’ski’s

We’ve got this air freshener. It plugs into the wall. It’s job is to spray fresh delightful-ness into the air quite a few times a day when we aren’t around. It’s pretty magical – it never sprays while we are in the room. Never. It always waits until we leave. The scent is like lilies…generally, has this flower scent. I feel that it’s well designed because it fools my brain into thinking we live in some enchanted garden. I like it because it’s just sweet, relentless pleasure to my nostrils each time I walk into the front door. I’m sure there are other things around the apartment and around my room that are “well designed” but I simply enjoy the design and functionality of this air freshener. I think it’s a great idea.

Assignment 7 – 30 Second Music Vid


Well. I think I finally figured out how to hyperlink. However, if the hyperlink doesn’t work, just copy and paste into browser as normal. I tried to play off of the blocks we were fooling around with in class. Basically, the left side of the video feels complete but I’m not sure what to do to the other squares.

Assignment 7 [Sydnae Finally Hyperlinks Edition]

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