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Blog Entry for 4/4: “Favorite Object”

An object in my room that I think is well-designed is my iPod boombox. While some might consider it a bit large, when compared to most iPod speakers on the market today, my boombox still has the best bass boost that I’ve ever heard. It’s got a cool cylindrical shape to it, and the stereo speakers are set up on the sides of the device, as well as on the front. When I’m stuck on campus, this boombox is the closest thing I have to listening to music with a car stereo! Now, if I only had a new car of my own…

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Assignment 7

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Assignment 7

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Everyone knows that content creation costs money. If we want good content, we need to be willing to pay for it, right? Why are people so willing to pirate things when they know that it isn’t going to enable the continuation of its production?

I could argue that the reason behind this is socio-economic, but I think that solution is simpler: Piracy, copying is just a better product right now. Taking on a little risk is worth the immediacy, the product, and the price.

In an era of cheap and simplistic copying, the industries have simply not kept of with consumer demand, and have been eclipsed. Relating to each of the points made by Kevin in his article, here are some examples of the media producer’s failure, or someone else’s success.

Immediacy: This winter, I was fairly obsessed with the show “Breaking Bad” on AMC. I had gotten to the most recent season, season 4. If I had wanted to acquire season 4 through legal means, my only option was to order a DVD player that was from the Australian or Mexican DVD region, and then buy the shows from them. How does that make sense to anyone?

Personalization: iPhones. Androids. Why do people jailbreak their phones when it voids their warranty? Because they have the idea that when they own a physical product, they should be able to do what they want with it, including installing whatever software they deem fit.

Interpretation: This concept has barely been thought about by large businesses.

Accessibility: Steam did this well from the beginning. Don’t have space on your hard drive for your game? No deal, delete it. Download it again whenever you like. Some of the games even store your progress so you don’t have to retain those files.

Authenticity: People love buying music directly from an artist (see In Rainbows from Radiohead). It wasn’t just that they could pay what they wanted, but also that they knew that the money paid wouldn’t be running through the recording industrie’s broken model, but flowing directly to the artists and their costs.

Patronage: I’m willing to admit it, I loved the kid’s show “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. I watched the first 3 seasons without paying the content creators. When I saw they were coming out with a new series, I signed up for a week by week TV pass on my Amazon account. It’s immediate, they get some money, and I get to enjoy their content for the right price. Worth it!

Findability:This has been solved for the most part. It just needs to remain integrated.

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Homework #7

Blog Entry for 3/28: Elizabeth Owens (“Better than Free” Reflection)

The article “Better than Free,” by Kevin Kelley, discusses eight qualities an item on the Internet could have, in order to make it “better than free,” meaning that the qualities would make the item more appealing to consumers on the web. All of the qualities that Kelley discussed are completely valid, in my opinion; however, I especially found the point about embodiment the most intriguing. I love going to concerts because of the fact that the artist or band is literally within my vicinity, playing the songs that I know all of the words to. Even though concerts are far from being anywhere close to “free,” the experiences & memories made at a show are still things that money can never buy. (Including concert DVDs!)

Homework Assignment #7: Elizabeth Owens

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Sarah Brown: Homework #7

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Kevin Beach: Assignment 7

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Sarah Brown: Reading Blog Post

I can truly relate to Immediacy portion of the reading when it comes to buying a book hardcover. There’s something more solid and just about a hardcover book versus a flimsy paperback.  However, I cannot mentally compare that equally to a person going to the premier versus someone seeing it after buying the dvd… I guess it all comes to to the viewer/reader experience, but I’m not much a movie goer in the first place…

Personalization will always be more expensive if someone else is doing the work for you.  If you yourself do the work, it is almost effortless because no one knows you better than yourself.

Authenticity and Interpretation are beyond in terms of programs because I always buy my programs so I make sure to have all the features and plug-ins.

Accessibility is sometimes a pain. I love the privacy of knowing I have control over who shares my files, music, etc… but sometimes it gets in the way when you want to share with someone else or transfer programs and files to a new computer.

Embodiment I connect more with when it comes to digital versions of things that can be physically bought. I don’t think I will ever understand the eBook and iTunes age. I spend so I can’t imagine having all my purchases on one fragile computer or eReader with the possibility that I’m only one accident (a drop or a spill) from losing all more purchases and data. Relying too much on technology is never a good thing.

Patronage I cannot a lot with Embodiment.  I want the artists creativity to its fullest. Not just the music, but the visuals (album are or book cover art) that inspired the piece. I want to pay for everything the artist has to offer.

Findability is becoming a real issue for non-internet dependent buyers. It’s harder and harder to buy dvds and music from stores that originally carried such a huge assortment of these products. Borders is out of business and B&N has such a small selection in comparison.  Electronic stores such as Best Buy have such tiny digital hardcopy sections now that it’s scary. It’s a shame that I have to be dependent on using online buying to get a bulk of my products…


Assignment 7- Better Then Free

After Reading this article I was really able to understand how everything is copied in society. It made me think in depth on quite a few marketing techniques that affected me personally. For example, when movies are released onto dvd they come out with directors cuts, unrated versions, and deleted scenes. These techniques always appeal to me, and I feel as though I need to see these little additions, and in some cases I end up buying the movie just because of that. But this goes for everything, and he explains that throughout the article. There is a variety of copied material, that is used to effect different people throughout society. I would recommend this to my peers.

Kevin Beach: Better than free

In his article, Kevin Kelly addresses the internet’s remarkable ability to copy work and provide it for free.  In order to still make money he advises selling things that cannot be copied.  His “Eight Generatives Better Than Free” include Immediacy, Personalization, Interpretation, Authenticity, Accessibility, Embodiment, Patronage, and Findability.  According to Kelly, if you can sell these things along with your copies, you can still manage a valuable business.

Assignment 7

Tomorrow Never Knows
I was absent when this was assigned, so I hope it fills the requirements.
I used quite a few motion paths towards the end and tried to make it sync with the music.  As for the rest of the video I plan on animating each layer the the shape

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