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Cherry wood box, edges framed with black painted metal, circular pad lock connects a lid to the container. Inside is lined with  floral pattern fabric of red, pink, orange, and green.

Jackie Conley Assignment 7

I own an alarm clock that I think is particularly well-designed. What is interesting about this alarm clock is that it is built exactly like a typical alarm clock (with the feet, handle, and bells) but it is built the size of a wall clock. It is about 3x the size of a regular alarm clock. It is also all black, down to the bells. The black numbers are embossed, so they are easy to read. Because of the size of the clock, its ticking makes a very low sound, so it is not irritating. The size of this alarm clock makes it both fun and functional.


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Assignment 7 – Zack Behr

Assignment 7

Assignment 7 – Kelly Adams


Assignment 7 – Megan Baker

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assignment7- Joan Lam


I have this watch from fossil that i love so much that i just want to write about it. It is a white DKNY watch that’s fairly cheap, it got some crystals around the face of the watch. It is simple and beautiful, love it!!

Assignment 7—Jonathan Kwak:

I heard conflicting interpretations of the assignment so I shot for a compromise.
I’m not happy with it, but at this point it is what it is.

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Assignment 7 – Kristabelle DelaCruz


Assignment 7 — Kathy Wyche

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An item I find beautiful/interesting in my bedroom is my tapestry. It’s very large, taking up the entire height of the wall. It hangs behind my bed. The color scheme features black, reds, and golds. In the center of the tapestry is a sun, aligned in a diamond with cresent moons and planets around it. The tapestry has an aztecish yet mystical feel to it. It is an esscential part to my room design and I always love admiring it when I walk into my room after a long day of class.

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Assignment 7 Paul Shiah


Assignment 7 — Shelbea West


The first thing that comes to mind for something well designed in my house is, strangely enough, our knife rack. It’s a simple and minimal design, yet it’s also sleek and serves its purpose very well. It’s a long strip of metal that is magnetic, and it situates itself right on the wall. I think its simplicity is beautiful and as a side note, it’s really fun to place your knives against the rack and have them stick there!


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Assignment 7 – Kelly Weiland

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Something beautiful in my room eh? What about a riddle/game? I describe and you figure it out. It has two eyes, two legs, two arms, a mouth but no nose. It’s always happy but cannot speak. If it was real you would put it into food. It’s soft, small and fuzzy, and it’s name begins with a T and ends with a D but shouldn’t be confused with the slimy one. There are many like it, but this one is mine. And finally it is over shadowed by a fat man that beats up turtles in the main stream. What is it?

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Assignment 7 – Ashley Hauck

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Sitting in my room, I notice a beautifully designed poster hung up on the wall. The first thing I notice about it is the bright neon red color with the large bold text laid on top of it. The text, being white, is big enough to become a shape on the poster saying “OPEN.” It also fades into the white border, allowing the rest of the smaller black text on top of that to stand out. The simple design makes this poster very readable, yet the color choices make it eye popping and pleasing to look at, hence the reason I have it hanging up in my room :]

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Blog Post – Assignment 7 – Kristabelle DelaCruz

An object that I find particularly beautiful, interesting, and well designed in my room would probably be this original painting a close family friend painted that is based on my brother’s personality and interests. It was given to my brother and then he gave it to me to have while I’m away for school. My friend’s paintings are very abstract and she enjoys working with a lot of color. All of her paintings have a lot of personality/character. This painting of my brother is titled, “Dare: Create.” It’s based on my brother’s interests, like, playing music, listening to music, and creating art. Most of my friend’s paintings are very chaotic. “Dare: Create” has mostly warm colors with cool grey background color. The frame that surrounds the canvas is a worn out wood, which gives it more character. I have a lot of different objects in my room that have a different meaning to me, but this painting is unique compared to everything else.

Assignment 7

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An object in my house that is physically appealing would have to be my side table next to my bed. It is a cubed table that I built myself when I was in high school and throughout the years I have been adding to this specific piece of furniture. The cube is painted a glossy black with different type of art work on each individual side of the table. On the top part of the cube I collaged “Andy Warhol” playing cards, which covered the entire top face of the table. Then on each side of the cube I created different types art. On one side of the table I ran over Coke soda cans with my car and then drilled the cans onto the table. On another side I have playbills from different broadway plays that I have seen over the years. Finally on the last side of the table I collaged all of my high school photographs and sprayed a glossy finish over the entire table to give it a completed/fiished look. This table is very meaningful because as my art changes, so does the type of work displayed on each individual side.

Blog Post #7

I’m currently sitting in a lecture hall in the science building, and I see one of those chairs.. you know, the ones that are also in all the dining halls, and in the union: pretty much everywhere on campus. This chair is made up of two pieces of molded plastic that are shaped to conform the the sitter’s body. The back of the chair is supported by a thin but strong wire that extends down to connect to the seat. The seat itself slopes backward to angle your hips at what I think is a comfortable position. The lip is curved to relieve any possible pressure on the back of your knees if you sit too far back or if your legs cannot reach the ground. The legs are made of the same strong wire, but they are not four separate legs. Instead the wire forms two separate trapezoids, and the weight of the person is placed on the bottom side of the trapezoids. This make the chair stronger and more stable than if it had four separate legs. No wobbling. The only downside is that these chairs are not stackable. Around campus, I’ve seen these chairs in numerous, hideous colors, but this one in particular is nice. It’s actually one of my favorite colors, a very light turquoise. Almost seafoam-ish.

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Homework Assignment #7.1: Elizabeth Owens